Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Christmas Ponderings

1) Rudolph: Why is Rudolph's dad such a sexist pig? We watched that movie the other know...the classic one from the 50's? And Rudolph's dad is kind of a jerk. He's rude to Rudolph because his nose glows so he makes him cover it up so he's not embarrassed in front of his other buck friends. Then he gets mad when the fake nose falls off after Rudolph leaps for joy that the young doe likes him...not to mention the fact that he doesn't even give him props for his first moment of flying. So...Rudolph runs away encountering a "misfit" elf and they venture off together in search of acceptance. Bleh. Meanwhile, back at Christmas Town (that's where Rudolph is from...don't you know) Mrs. Rudolph's mom wants to go in search of her poor sweet son but the sexist husband stops her and tells her "no...this is man's work" Direct quote. Wow. So she does what any self respecting wife would do and goes anyway after he leaves and takes the sweet doe with her. So now, she has gone against her husbands wishes and kidnapped a minor in the process. Ahem. Finally...a few antlers later...they all get caught up together in the cave of the monster...the abominable snowman. Rudolph and his buddies end up being the heroes (of course). And it turns out that the beast isn't so vicious after all...apparently he just had a toothache. "Time to get the women folk back to Christmas Town" yep. Another direct quote. So they get the women folk back to Christmas Town where everyone is sorry because they've realized how beneficial Rudolph's nose is in a storm. The end.
*I don't think I like this movie but then my heart tells me that I do. I feel ponderous on this...

2) Fudge: Yum. My mom makes the best fudge in the world. I say that with the utmost confidence. If she participated in a Fudge Judge she would win the blue ribbon and probably a $25 gift card to Applebees. My problem is I can't stop eating it. I think I have gained 10 lbs of fudge weight. Merry Christmas hips and thighs!

3) Kathie Lee Gifford Christmas Special: I just recommended this to my friend Nate. He looked at me in disgust and horror. Why Nate? Why do you despise the Kathie Lee Gifford Christmas Special? There's puppets and singing and dancing...what could be better than that? Get it. Watch it. I'm pretty sure it's on sale at the Dollar Tree.

4) Shopping: Ugh. I hate it. I like it. I hate it. I kind of like it...THERE'S TOO MANY PEOPLE! They push past me smelling of beef stick and cheese and sometimes BO. They touch me. Gross. They look at me with beady eyes if I'm in the same section of the store. LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T EVEN WANT THAT $20 TOASTER ANYWAY! Yikes! Online shopping. Sigh. It's magical. Got most of my shopping done that way this year. It was delightful. The husband and I tag teamed on Black Friday. He sat in his underwear...let's be honest it's his favorite thing to do...while I was out braving the madness that is BLACK FRIDAY (say this with an echo). I had my gloves (it was cold outside for goodness sakes) and my list and he had his computer. And we both had cell phones. Woot! So I would find a deal and call the husband, then he would look it up on amazon (God bless amazon) and then we would get the best deal. It was like we were giving it back to all those in charge of the shopping frenzy! TAKE THAT CEO! Is what my husband would yell to the heavens every time we got the better deal. I love him. He's cute. Shopping done.

5) The High Bed: The husband built a platform bed for the boy for Christmas this year. He built it because 1) you can't find good ones 2) If you find a good one it's only at Pottery Barn and costs $1,000,000 So...the conclusion was to build it ourselves. The love is very good at this. He built our bed too. Did you know he was so talented? Did you? It's cuz I give him sugar (actual sugar...don't be gross). So...the bed is built. And it is LARGE. 10 feet tall to be exact. He asked me if I thought he should cut it down a bit and I'm pretty sure my exact response was "Ummm...yes." So he took off a foot. It's still huge. Luckily the boy has really high ceilings. I hope this wasn't a mistake. What if he's afraid to sleep in it? That would be sad. And a little funny. But he wants one so bad and has asked for a high bed a gazillion times. We aim to please. Yep. A high bed he shall receive. On a sidenote: please remember that this is a Christmas present and the boy will not see it until Christmas morning. Just in case the 5 of you reading this have any kind of interaction with my kid. Why would you want to spoil a kid's Christmas surprise? Gosh!

6) Christmas Cards: I was off for a week and still couldn't find the time to get them done!! Blurg you Christmas Cards! My family's cute, we're awesome doing great...blah blah blah. There. Now you have a Christmas card (insert mental image of my cute family take off our Santa hats. We would never do that) Maybe one day I will grow up and manage to send out Christmas Cards to the masses. Sigh.

7) Fudge: I think I will go have a piece of fudge right now. Seriously...can't stop eating it. You don't need to judge me...I JUDGE MYSELF! Yum. Chocolatey goodness.

Merry Christmas!


PS - Hi Joana

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ear Fishing Sucks

It was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house
The children were all crazy and wrestling about... really was the night before Thanksgiving when it happened. Ugh.

You know those Go Fishin' games? I hate that game. I thought I loved it. I bought the game for the boy because I remember loving that game as a kid. But now I see the truth...those beady eyes and snapping mouths. The surprisingly sharp fishing poles that twist and turn in weird ways. The click clack sound as it spins around and around and around. Those beady eyed fish always getting knocked and spilled out of their little holes in the "water" leaving pieces of mouths to be picked up and put back in their homes. Blurg! Buying that game was my first mistake.

Back to Thanksgiving Eve...we were all just wrestling and playing about. I was holding the baby, who was holding one of those darn fishing poles. Letting him hold one of those...that was my second mistake. The husband came up and was tickling the baby. Amidst the laughter and joy I felt a horrendous, stabbing pain coming from my right ear. I don't really remember what happened after that. I don't know if I dropped the baby. If I set him down. If the husband took him from me. I just remember crying and holding my ear. I thought he stabbed my eardrum. It was THE WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT...including any part of the birth of my two children. Somehow, the baby managed to go ear fishing...and I think he won. I don't know how it happened or if we could even ever make it happen again. FLUKE. WEIRDNESS. Yep...that fishing pole stabbed into my ear and the hook caught in my ear canal and then ripped flesh on the way out. Praise Jesus I could still hear. But blood did ooze out. And it freaked me out. And it freaked my husband and kids out. They stood around me in a semi-circle...wide eyed with awe at what the heck just happened. They were all very cute and very sweet. My boys :)


I threw the game in the trash. I do not endorse or support this game. I didn't like it before the ear fishing event. But I completely loathe it now.

Ear fishing sucks. And it's also dangerous.


PS - the inner canal of my know the dark part that you can't see...has a huge scab and still hurts...just so you know.

Who Knew?

Last December we suddenly realized that Christmas had whizzed past us so quickly that many of the Christmas-y type things we love to do either got overlooked in the bustle and craziness or got done half-heartedly because we were too scattered to breathe for a minute and enjoy those Christmas-y things we love. So we made a decision one year ago to take a week of vacation in December.
Today brings day 3 of our week to an end. Sigh. It has been magical. We haven't traveled. We haven't done anything spectacular. We've just been...together, relaxing, at home. Every morning we have breakfast and enjoy our Christmas tree without having to rush out the door. GO! GO! GO! Sometimes I feel like some sort of coach. But not this week. This week we are still. And lazy. And still in our pj's until bedtime (today anyway). And it's magical.

So far we have...
1) Cleaned the house: praise Jesus! And I mean really cleaned. All the deep stuff. There's nothing hotter than a husband cleaning baseboards. 1,362 Clorox wipes later...the house is clean :)
2) Done laundry: praise Jesus! We were all down to the last resort know what I'm talking about. The kind that get shoved in the back of your drawer cuz they just don't share the same comfort level but you keep them for just in case type situations? Yep. That was us. And the exciting news is...all the laundry has been put away! It's a Christmas miracle.
3) Made ornaments: this was messy and required a lot of clean up so that the aforementioned cleaning did not go to waste and make mommy want to shout "I JUST CLEANED UP THIS MESS 5 MINUTES AGO!" to anyone that would listen. But not this week. :)
4) Made cookies: Also messy...but totally worth it. YUMMY! SLURP! GULP! Snowman heads with frosting are good...
5) Made dinner 3 nights in a row: All the working moms out there know how grand this is.
6) Went on a light hunt: It's tradition! We get hot chocolate and drive around looking for light spectacles. It's super. Maybe we will get to do it twice this year :)

Vacation in December...who knew?
Now I know.
I think it will become a Withey tradition...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Things...

Here are some things...

Today I have prom nails. Yep. I got me some fakesies. Now I can rawr people with so much more meaning :)

But that's not the big news today. The big news is that the baby is walking! Yay! He's 15 months old. I guess he's kinda slow :) FINALLY! No more crawling on the dirty nasty ground. No more rug burned knees and tops of feet. No more fighting him to stay in my arms when he wants to follow brother out in public places...wait...this actually may still occur. Still. I HATE CRAWLING! And I'm so happy that he's walking.

Tonight the husband had CMT on. It was some redneck show featuring some crazy redneck dudes (no offense to rednecks reading this blog) who were doing some stupid redneck stuff. About 5 minutes in I felt real angry. I seriously wanted to punch one of those rednecks in the face. Why do rednecks make me angry tonight? Husband says I'm prejudice but if I heard one more twang, or squeal or shotgun or pig snort or truck backfire I might have punched my husband in the face. So...he turned it off. God bless him. I guess I just couldn't handle some redneck goodness tonight. Maybe it's hormones. Yep. Let's blame the hormones...

Speaking of hormones. I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE!

Tonight at bedtime the husband and I were performing the nighttime routine with the boy and he leaned in to me and whispered, "mommy, can you ask Daddy to leave my room so you and me can spend some time together?" and then he shot me the eyes. Those baby blues. So when we were done I spent some extra time with him. He must have needed it and soon there might be times when he won't want it. Sigh. I love that kid.

Why does the first toilet seat cover always rip or tear or fall into the toilet? I always have to use 2! Even though there are clear instructions written right there on the case...first pull up, then pull've seen it. You've read it. You've ripped it and had to get a second one. As if those instructions: 1) ever change 2) are ever useful 3) actually work

Those are some things...


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soup Time

I was told by my son that I am the best soup maker ever. I just thought that everyone should know.

I love soup. My son loves soup. A lot. A whole lot. His favorite is broccoli cheese. I know. He's weird for a four year old. He also loves crab. And shrimp. And vegetables. I love him.

So. It's fall. And fall just calls out for soup nights. I am happy to oblige. The latest soup? Squash. Yum. It's creamy and delicious. Here's my recipe. It's super easy.

2 Butternut Squash
2 Acorn Squash
1 stick butter
1 onion - diced
2 boxes Chicken Broth
Heavy whipping cream

Cut both kinds of squash in half and scoop out seeds. Place squash, flesh side up, on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil (the tinfoil just helps with the clean up...I'm kinda lazy). Drizzle squash with olive oil and then generously sprinkle sea salt, garlic and pepper all over the squash. Pour a little water on the bottom of the pan and cover with tinfoil. Bake at 400 for 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours. Squash should be soft enough to scoop out easily.
*Acorn squash will cook faster then the butternut

About 10 min before squash is done place a stick of butter in a big pot. Add diced onion to melted butter. Cook until onion is translucent. Add chicken broth and simmer. Scoop out flesh of squash and add to the broth mixture. Add about 1/2 quart of heavy whipping cream (or more depending on how naughty you are feeling). With a stick blender, blend the soup until creamy but still with some texture. (If you don't have a stick blender you could transfer to a regular blender and then back to the pot but that's a lof of work and a lot of clean up so I woud just mash it with a spoon or whisk as best as I could...chunky soup never hurt anyone!)

Serve with freshly grated parm cheese. Super.

This is our favorite soup right now so I thought I would share the love. :)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Almost Syndrome

Mommy, are we there yet? Almost
Mommy, is it time for a nap? Almost
Mommy, did I smack you across the face with my light saber? (sigh) ALMOST

The almost syndrome. Motherhood often finds itself at the mercy of the ALMOST. Equally at the mercy of the ALMOST are the children at the receiving end of the ALMOST. ALMOST. ALMOST. ALMOST. ALMOST. ALMOST. ALMOST. Did it stop sounding like a real word yet?

I sit here and think about how often I use the word almost. Last week for instance. I almost peed my pants when my husband and son returned from Walmart and I discovered that the boy had somehow managed to get past me wearing shorts and cowboy boots. Not that I have anything against either one. And let's be honest, he was going to Walmart. But...he also has a rash covering his entire body because he somehow contracted 5th disease. Yay! If someone's mother only ALMOST took their kid to school with 5th disease then my son wouldn't have contracted the crazy, red, splotchy looking disease. Stop staring at me! And my son! So help me! Phew. That felt good :)

I almost didn't eat that donut today. But I did.
I almost did not freak out when my air turned up to 74 today. But I did.
I almost did not watch the entire Samantha Who series on Netflix in two days. But I did.
I almost bought a basketball hoop at a garage sale for $25. But I didn't. Blurg you husband!

I've had an entire day of almosts before. It's not a pleasant kind of day. It's the kind of day where you almost get out the door on time, but one of the lovelies goes poop and you have to clean it off of you, their legs, their ankles, their back, their neck and their hands (because somehow in the clean up they managed to reach down and grab a handful of the wretched stuff)...making you 20 minutes late out the door. Shucks. ALMOST!

Then comes lunch. A blessed part of the day...usually. Until an appointment shows up and you don't get to eat until 2 at which point everyone has eaten without you, so you eat in your office by yourself. ALMOST!

And then work is over and you pick up your kids. You've planned ahead and have the meal all planned out. So you get home and start cooking. Everything is almost ready and the children start falling apart. The baby only had a half hour nap at school so he is grumpy and hungry and falls completely apart while you're trying to feed him pasta that he DOESN'T WANT TO EAT! So you give up and take him to bed. Meanwhile, your four year old (also tired and hungry) is falling apart because...actually, who knows why...and is sobbing in the bathroom. Also meanwhile, your husband is at the store because you almost remembered to buy bread for the dinner, but you didn't. So you have sent him out and are now regretting that decision because everyone has had a meltdown while you are just trying to feed your family a nice dinner. ALMOST.

ALMOST. Such an unpredictable word. And sometimes rude.
But it doesn't count if it's an ALMOST. So just declare a do-over and start again :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lola. Period.

I feel ashamed. And sad. And horrified. That it has been exactly 9o-ish days since I have posted. To my 5 faithful readers. I am sorry. But I am more sorry that 3 months have gone by without even a word written about the funny-ness that is my life. The children. The husband. The dog. There is always some sort of chaos. Trust me.

For example. Two days ago the air conditioning in our house went out. I was home with the boys that day and realized the house was getting gradually warmer. At first I was deep in the throes of denial and thought it was just because I had made scones and the oven had been at 425 for a good hour. Combined with the fact that this is Vegas and it's exactly 210 degrees outside. As the day went on the house got warmer. And I got grumpier. I decided it was best to call the hubs.

So I did. And he called our Home Warranty. And they called out a repairman. Who couldn't come until the next day. Sometime between the hours of 8am to 6pm. Lovely.

One sleepover at my sister's house and 10 scones later...our air was fixed and all was well with the world again.

Until Lola started her period. At my sister's house while I was at work. (insert evil mwahahaha here). My sister said she had PMS. Poor Lola. Poor sister. Lucky me :)

The boys are big. Baby Z turned one while I've been away from this lovely blog. One. Did I mention he turned one? Remember how I just gave birth to him yesterday? Seriously. He is still cute. But feisty. Yep. The sweet, laid back, easy-going Baby Z has now entered the "scream and throw a fit when he doesn't get his own way" phase. It's SUPER FUN! Lots of thrashing and crying...mostly from me. He's just strong willed and super smart. That's what we tell ourselves anyway. It somehow makes us feel better. For a minute.

Yep. Parenting. It's a challenge. And each day is filled with that one question every parent is seeking the answer to...


More to come. I need a scone.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Tennis + The Ice Cream Man = MAGIC

Today we "played" tennis with the children. All of them. The boy, Baby Z, Niece and Nephew. It was interesting. Have you ever played tennis with a baby on your hip? I have.

I use the term "played tennis" in the loosest sense of the word. There was a lot of running after the balls, missed hits, re-dos, do-overs and wanderings into the desert in search of tennis balls gone missing. But it was fun. Except that I forgot to feed Baby Z before we left. So my usually incredibly happy, non-cranky baby was fussy and sad and WANTED HIS MOMMY! That's what he shouted at me from the sidelines (in his head anyway...I just know it). Poor baby. I am quite certain that I will win Mommy of the Year for 2011. What? That's a real award isn't it? So I played with him on my hip for the last half hour we were there. My left bicep is bulging with muscular-ness.

When we first arrived we had the entire court...there were two of them. And then some older men arrived and started staring at us. So I offered to move us all to one court so they could have the other. They were appreciative. I'm nice.

They were almost as bad as we were but my nephew was very impressed with their skills. Just after I thought to myself how cute these two old men were and also how bad they really were at playing...he busted out (loudly, I might add) "whoa...they're good." I am pretty sure I saw one of the old men smile. They played better after that. Maybe they're tennis self-esteem got boosted. That would be swell. Cuz they were cute. And nice. And retrieved the 4,678,987 tennis balls that we sent into their court. Thanks old guys!

And then we were leaving and I heard it. Actually the boy heard it first. The ice cream man. Suddenly, I felt like I was 6 years old again and was filled with joyful glee that the ice cream man was coming. The kids and I...ah hem...I mean JUST the kids were all jumping up and down yelling "It's the ice cream man!" Suddenly I found myself looking at the husband asking for a treat from the ice cream man. I'm pretty sure I didn't need his permission but it sure felt like it in the moment. I love when I get to feel like a kid again.

Everything about the ice cream man is the same. The emotions. The smile it brings. The need to buy a deliciously cold treat. The music (hum it with me). The snow cones. Ahhhh...the snow cones. So we got ice cream from the ice cream man (it was actually a woman but ice cream woman just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it). It was before dinner. Again...I'm holding my breath for that Mom of the Year Award. :) It was delicious.

I love tennis. And more importantly...I love the ice cream man. It was a magical time.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Drive By Glance

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I was wandering around an almost closed Target. The site that was before me was not ok. I suddenly realized I rushed out the door without one thought of my appearance.

-Disheveled pony tail
-Stained t-shirt
-Yoga pants (please note: I have done yoga twice in the last month...and they're a bit tight...probably because I have only done yoga twice in the last year...I mean month)
-Flip flops

It would have been embarrassing if I had the energy to care. But I just didn't.

I was in the clothes section, looking at all of the new cute spring time things they put on the shelves and onto plastic hangers and that's when it happened. The drive by glance. Ugh. Target, on purpose I am sure, hides their mirrors. They are nestled in between racks of mini skirts, too tight t-shirts, and shelves of cardigans. To make matters worse, I was in that front section of the Target clothes. If you're anything over a size 8, you know the section I'm talking about. The part of the clothes that is the closest to the door, you know...where all the cute stuff is?'s sized for one demographic only. The teeny-bops (that's what my dad calls them. It used to drive me crazy...when I was one of them. Now...I see his point. Well said dad!). I am a teeny-bop NO MORE! I have birthed TWO CHILDREN GOSH DARN IT! This girl's got some hips. So I shop from the middle back (you between the teeny-bops and the maternity), and I'm ok with it. But tonight, the long dresses were in that front section. And summer is coming. Let's be's my summer wardrobe option of choice.

And that's when the drive by glance happened. Just after I finished looking at the dresses. I wasn't feeling too bad when I left my house. How can one glance, into that darn mirror, change my opinion in a matter of seconds? I got over it. In a matter of seconds. But I was still very aware that I should leave the store immediately...before the townspeople came rioting...but I finished up my shopping with my head held high(ish). There were only like 3 other customers in the store...AND 1,000 workers who all decided to be nice and ask if I needed anything. They probably felt sorry for me. I'm pretty sure I heard one of them whisper "Ahhh...bless her heart"

I would like to say that I will NEVER go to Target like that again. But I am quite certain that I will :)


She's No Muerte...

Muerte was the name of our first dog. He was extraordinary...and part human. He understood full sentences. He knew when it was appropriate to bark and when it wasn't. He didn't need a leash. He knew our names. He was loyal. He was cuddly...but not needy. He was independent. He went everywhere with us. He was a "chihuahua" (in air quotes because he was very un-chihuahua in mannerisms). He was family. He was one of a kind. He was awesome and His name was Muerte. That means death in Spanish. We realize this. It's sort of an indicator of our sick sense of humor.

He passed away last June. I was 8 months pregnant. If you know anything about being pregnant you understand why this is an important fact to point out. He had liver cancer. Ugh. I hate cancer. He was only 8 years old. Poor dog. Poor us. It was one of the saddest days we've ever had.

The boy in particular had a very hard time with this. And still does. Every once in a while he will ask me, "Mommy. Has Jesus made Muerte better yet? Can he come home now? I miss him." sad. He was in LOVE with that dog. The first day that we brought the boy home from the hospital he was in his bassinet next to the couch. And Muerte sat on the arm of the couch right next to him and didn't move. He had immediately accepted the boy as family and had made a vow to protect least in my mind that's what he was doing. It was unbelievable. For the next month or so, Muerte did not move from the boy's side. He went everywhere that the boy went. Good dog.

So...when he passed it was VERY difficult on all of us. We weren't even sure what to do. The boy was so sad. We were sad. So...we thought getting another dog might help. So we did. Her name is Lola. And she is NO Muerte. She is the same breed...a deer head chihuahua. We got her for free (that story is crazy but not for this blog).

She's cute. She's sweet. She barks at inappropriate times. She's cuddly...and NEEDY. She's almost the exact opposite of Muerte. For months I called her "not Muerte" instead of by her name. Perhaps this played into her neediness and insecurity. She just has no self esteem. She crawls up to my face and looks at me with these "do you still love me?" kind of eyes. Perhaps she's not so different from a lot of girls seeking relationship? Is that weird? That I just took it there? Oh well. If you're reading this and you're one of THOSE girls. Just stop. Have some self pride and self worth...for the love of all that is good and holy! :)

I'm trying my best to love and accept her into our family. But she's no Muerte...

Poor Lola. She has no chance of matching up to him. She could try a little harder though...yeesh. She doesn't need a leash though! So that's good. Hmmm...



PS – maybe it’s because she used to be a showgirl…

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheese Chips

I ended the day with cheese chips. They are delightful. And somewhat embarrassing.

1 Handful of Lays Potato Chips
1-2 Slices American Cheese

Take that handful of tato chips (sigh) and place them on a plate, spread out evenly. Tear the american cheese into pieces and spread out on top of the chips. Microwave for 30 seconds. Eat it.

American cheese is the key to this super fabulous (and a tad bit ghetto) recipe. Good ol' american cheese. It's processed. It's yellow. It's melty goodness. You don't need to judge me! You don't even know me! :) Go ahead and judge...I love my cheese chips enough to ignore the judgmental stares...

It was a tasty end to a lovely day.

The day started off at 10:30 am. That's right. 10:30 am. I am happy about this. The boy had a sleepover with his best friend and the baby only woke briefly at 8:30 for a quick bottle and then went back to sleep...allowing the love and I to sleep until 10:30. Perfection. Sweet, lovely, NEEDED, perfection. The mom of the boy's best friend, called us at 10:45. This was either because she was concerned that we would not return to pick up our boy, or she was calling to see if we still wanted to go to the snow as we discussed the night before. Phew. It was the latter. I'm thankful we are such great friends or CPS might have gotten a phone call.

So...we went to the snow. The boy and the husband had a blast. I had a blast watching them. For a minute. Until...

*A brief side note to any other parents out there: DO NOT bring an 8 month old to the snow. There is no where to put them down (so that mommy can go sledding) and they get bored, cold and fussy pretty quickly. And my baby is practically a saint. Just trust me.

So. That was interesting. And now we know. But it was still fun. Because that's how we roll.

And then everyone crashed in the car. Except the love. He was driving. God bless Him.

Naps, dinner and a movie...was the rest of the evening for the boys.

Nap, dinner and a movie (Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl...which kind of deserves it's own blog. Seeing it NEVER, would have been enough for me), made cookies for the boys and then I ended the day with cheese chips. You should try them. You're welcome in advance.


Monday, March 14, 2011


Poots. That's what we call poo, poop, poo poo, this house. It started with my nephew and has just kind of stuck. We all say it. All the grown ups included...

Two days ago, I arrived home in the evening. Pulled Baby Z out of the car like any normal day. And then it happened. I felt the warm squish against my skin and froze. Gross. And then I smelled it. Ick. And then I looked down. Yep. Poots. All over my hands. On this particular day there was poots on my hands, on my arms and a big hershey kiss left on my shirt. Husband was not home...thank you love! So my hands were covered in poots, I was carrying my purse and the diaper and bag, a baby dripping with poots and somehow needed to get in the house and shut the garage door. I was so thankful for the boy! He was a champ! He helped me get in the house, got a towel and washcloth for Baby Z and a big ziploc so I had a place to dispose of the mess...making faces and gag noises the whole time...but at least he helped :)

The poots was everywhere. Awesome.

So I got him cleaned up. Bathed. Clothes rinsed out...which in and of itself is a spectacular task. The chunks run down the drain and you feel yourself gagging...just trying to hold it together. Then I got myself cleaned up and both boys in hour and a half after we got home. Exhasuting.

So...last night. I arrived home and pulled Baby Z out of the car like any normal day. This time I was more cautious. The memory of the previous evening was still lingering in my brain. So I carefully lifted him out of the car. This time I smelled it first. And then I felt it. Ugh. Seriously? Two nights in a row? Two poots nights in a row...and both of them without the husband? How does he get so lucky? And tonight...the boy stayed with his daddy. help at all. Awesome. Poots everywhere. Again. And was all in the car seat too. So I did what any good wife would do. I decided that I would leave the cleaning of the car seat for my love. I wouldn't want to rob him the opportunity to bless my life. You're welcome husband :)

So...I got baby Z cleaned up. Again. It was fantastically gross. And smelly.

Off to eat lunch! :)


Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Just the Beginning...

Today was an amazing day.

Today was an extraordinary day.

Yep. It was.

Lately, the boy has been asking a lot of questions about death and how it relates to Jesus and heaven...all the normal questions. Our dog, Muerte, died last June and I think he is just now starting to process that death. He asks me periodically when Muerte will come home and I respond with the usual, "he's with Jesus buddy. He got sick and Jesus made him all better. He lives in heaven now." (Don't judge my theory that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN...maybe not all of them...but certainly the awesome ones, like Muerte) He would usually respond with the usual "oh..." But lately, that answer isn't sufficient for him and he keeps probing for more answers.

It started a week ago when we were at the vet with Lola, our new "NOT MUERTE" dog. And the boy, out of the blue, said "Mommy, I miss Muerte. Did Jesus make him better yet? Can he come home now?" And I looked at him and said, "Buddy, Muerte is with Jesus...remember. He is gonna stay there. Jesus is taking care of him." And he looked at me with those melt your heart baby blues, tears welling up and said, "FOREVER?" (insert that high pitch, squeaky, holding back tears voice here...ugh).

We moved past it that day, but today the questions (and a few tears) started again on the car ride home. So I took the opportunity to really tell the boy about Jesus and what he did for us. Why we get to go heaven when we die. What it's going to be like. And that all we have to do is ask Jesus into our hearts and we get to go to heaven with Him forever. He liked this conversation and was very intrigued. So I asked him, "would you like to ask Jesus into your heart?" And he immediately replied with, "no...maybe when we get home." Which I thought was the cutest response. But I'm a mom. And I can't help myself. So we talked some more and then I asked him again. And this time the whole thing clicked in his little head. And he said, "ok mommy! Sure!"

So on the way home, in the car, my boy asked Jesus into his heart. I will NEVER forget the sound of his little voice asking Jesus to come into his heart.
Pure, sweet and innocent. I am so thankful God allowed me the opportunity to be the one to pray that prayer with him. After we prayed I told him that I was 4 when I asked Jesus into my heart and his smile filled his face as he said, "I'm 4!"

So at bed time tonight we were engaged in our usual cuddles, songs and tickles and I told him I was so proud of him. He smiled and said, "Cuz why?" So I said, "Cuz you're amazing, and you love Jesus, and you have a good heart and I love you." And he responded with, "I know something else. Cuz I asked Jesus into my heart today." Ahhhh...he got it. He actually understands. How amazing and cute is that? My heart melted. "Yes you did. And I am so proud of you for that." And then he smiled.

I pray every day that my boys will serve Jesus every day for the rest of their lives. This is just the beginning. They're gonna be world changers those boys of mine.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take the Plunge...and Shove It


That's what is on my mind today. Probably because I had to use one. Ugh.

I HATE plungers. They are gross. And disgusting. And make me want to throw up. I can't even think about how many germs and funk that has made a cozy home for itself on the inside and the outside of the plunger.

So you clog a toilet...I mean...we have all done it on occasion. You don't need to be embarrassed.

So you clog a toilet and reach for it.
You grab the handle and wince.
And then cry.
And then hold your breath.
And then that's when it happens. You take it and plunge it (see why they call it a plunger now?) and shove it into a rising mess of water, pee, toilet paper....and yes...something else (it floats and it's brown...eeeww). And then you pump that thing up and down until there's a release. And you stop holding your breath right about now, as you breathe a deep sigh of relief that the mess inside the toilet did not come spilling out and onto the floor. (This relief is particularly spectacular when you are in someone else's home). And then you wait for the know what I'm talking about...the sound the toilet makes as the mess descends into the plumbing abyss and you know it's gone forever. Sigh.

But're still left holding the handle of this thing, and you are suddenly very aware that this thing was completely engulfed in your *uh hem* and you have to do something with it. So you flush the toilet and give it a few pumps in the "clean water" and politely place it next to the toilet (trying your best to avoid drips getting on the toilet seat, wall, floor or your clothes...definitely not on your clothes).

*On a sidenote, public plungers are the worst! You reach for this thing in desperation and then realize that many other hands have touched the very same handle. And then you didn't wash your hands before you touched this thing. And you...just...went...and then wiped. How many other people have done the very same thing? Ugh. (insert gagging noises here).

And then you walk away...hoping that no one finds out that you had to use the plunger. You avoid eye contact with anyone entering the bathroom as you are exiting. If you're lucky enough to be in the privacy of your own home, you try to pretend that it never happened. Or you blame the 3 boys that live there...I mean...oops.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

In N Out...yummm

In N Out...Yum.
It's the goodness of my youth.

It was the special treat on youth camps or vacations because they did not yet exist in Las Vegas...only California. I remember it being the highlight of those trips. Yes...I have always loved food :) Big surprise...

I think I was in college when they finally got In N Out here in town. It was a good day. was an awesome day. The juicy goodness. The all natural ingredients. The bible verse on the cups. The fries...let us all pause for a moment of silence.

And we're back...

My husband might, in fact, be their #1 fan. He is filled with joyful glee whenever we go to when we were trying to figure out where to eat on our family day and the boy shouted out "HOW BOUT IN N OUT?" It took only seconds for us to be in the car and on the way to our juicy, cheesy, onion-y, all natural (it makes me feel better to mention it) goodness that awaited us at our In N Out.

We were, of course, loud and obnoxious as I anxiously searched for a booth. Why is it that no matter what time of day it is there are exactly one million people at In N Out?

There is always a line. There is always a stare down with another family for the next available table (I can assure you that I always win...and I say that in the most humbleway possible). There is almost always an elderly person sitting by themselves and we always become instant friends. I can't help myself. I just love old people. And I hate to see them sitting alone. So we become friends and they sit and talk with us while we have lunch. This particular day, I am sad to say, there were no old people. But we managed to have a good time anyway :)

See how happy he is? And then he slowly goes into an In N Out's a happy place...don't worry. You should try it sometime.

Baby Z was, of course, an angel. And the boy...well...he's my boy. He's fun, and active and loves his milkshakes. How did I get to be the luckiest lady on the planet?

In N Out...I can smell the french fries calling me. If you haven't ever ordered them well done, I highly recommend it. Yummmm...


Monday, February 14, 2011

We Are Not Fancy So Much

Today was Valentine's Day.

Heart shaped Pancakes for the boy. check
2 hour nap for the boy. check
3 hour nap for baby Z. check
Free babysitting for the boys (thank you parents!). check
A super fantastical evening with the love. check

We have never really been into Valentine's Day but I have to say...this year's was super. My mom is one of those crazy (and by crazy I mean crazy awesome) grandma's who makes a big deal about every holiday with her favorite people on earth...the grandkids. Sometimes I wish I was her grandkid. So a Valentines party was planned (complete with heart shaped everything, balloons, presents, chocolate...why do they even want to come home?). Seeing that we were not invited to this event...grandkids only...we went on a date. Dinner with my sis and bro-in-law (shrimp on a stone...yummmm). And then a movie. Cheesecake Factory deliciousness to go. Thursday night shows goodness...Community, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec & Outsourced (it's my favorite TV night...don't judge me. You don't even know me!) It was delightful and perfectly sweet. We are, however, not fancy so much. And I like that about us. I pretty much like everything about us.

I like that we don't have to get fancy to know the evening is special.
I like that we still hold hands.
I like that we stop holding hands before they start to sweat.
I like that we laugh at stupid things together.
I like that we both are getting old.
I like that we are best friends.
I like that we make cute kids.
I like that I still like spending time with him.
I like us.

Happy Valentine's Day


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Booger Sunday!

I had to take baby Z to the all night Pediatric Care last night. He's been struggling all week with sinus and congestion (translate: boogers, cough and snots) but yesterday he all of a sudden broke out into a fever. So, we did what most good parents do in this situation. Put him to bed early to see how things would go. He went down at 7 and woke up every 20 minutes moaning or crying until 11 when I finally decided to just take him in.

Husbands are of no use in these situations. I mean...God bless him. He's incredible. But his answer to "should I take him in?" is almost always, "nah. Let's wait it out and let the poor kid suffer until his fever spikes so high that he has to go to the ER." Oops...I think I just translated that in my head. Anyway...doing what any good wife would do...I ignored his advice and called my mom. She agreed that I should take him in. Thanks mom! :) hour and a half later we were on our way home with antibiotics for a double ear infection. I hate to be the one to say it, but I TOLD YOU SO LOVE! I can't even believe that man loves me as much as he does. I am such a nuisance :) But...Baby Z was in bed, with motrin and antibiotics in his system by 1:20am. Poor little dude! I must insert here...that my baby was still a perfect angel and as sweet as ever. I am not kidding you. This kid is a literal angel from heaven. Thank you Jesus!

Here's the fun part. He woke up this morning at about 10:15. Words cannot describe the appearance of my sweet baby boy.
I just don't even know what else to say. Boogers in his eyes. On his eyelids and eyebrows. Boogers on his cheeks. Boogers in his hair. Boogers on his neck. THE giantest (it's a word...look it up) booger I have ever seen COMPLETELY sealing his right nostril. I tried to take a picture really fast with my phone but it just didn't do it justice. I couldn't help but laugh at him. Yes. AT him. I realize what kind of a mother this makes me...I'm ok with this. Poor baby.

Happy Booger Sunday!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eye Boogers

Today I stayed home. My baby Z is sick. Sads.

He has eye boogers (this phrase completely grosses out my dad btw and makes me laugh) coming out like crazy. Poor kid. It's like his nose and eyes have become one. Just green goo everywhere. You're welcome.

So...the boy was going to go to school but I just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing I would be home all day. I just pictured him. Stuck at school. All sad and lonely. Eating his balogne sandwich at some cold, hard, red-colored table, with exactly one million kids surrounding him. It's really only 6 kids at his table, but in my mom brain, he's surrounded by gross snotty (from the nose kind, not the stuck up kind) kids who's mom's don't love them enough to stay at home. Then he'll stand in line like cattle to use the restroom before proceeding to a mat on the floor where he will lay awake for 2 hours. Because my kid WON'T SLEEP AT SCHOOL!

Wow...that was super dramatic.
Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we play these things up in our brains and then torture ourselves with them? (or maybe it's just me?)

The true reality is that his preschool is awesome. He loves to eat lunch with his friends. I am pretty sure that they go to the bathroom one by one when they are done eating (I will have to check on this one). And the mats are covered with his sheet from home and a cozy blanket...also from home. That's not even mentioning the fun stuff they do in the morning! Seat work...actual learning instead of just wrestling, games and movie watching with Mommy...they are much better parents than me :)...Going outside to play on the swings and slides and run around like monkeys (and I might add...where someone else has to smell the sweaty funk).

And he didn't even sleep at nap time at home today.

We had a ton of fun though so I guess the dramatic-ness (it's a word for heaven's sake) was worth it.

Mom guilt. It's a beautiful thing that all the mom's in the universe will have just have to learn to deal with. How did dad's get off so easy? :)

Eye boogers. Yum. Somewhere my dad is throwing up in his mouth a little bit.


PS - tomorrow he's going to school...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Hallmark Channel. I heart you so...for one reason and one reason only...ok...there are 2 reasons.

1) Who's the Boss reruns
2) The cheesy movies...I just can't help myself! ('s a shameful secret)

Who's the Boss. Who doesn't love a good dose of Tony Macelli every once in a while? I grew up on this show. This show holds a special place in my heart. From the opening theme song (sing it with me...a brand new life! A brand new life! Around the...), to the witty antics of Mona and the incessant sexual tension between Tony and Angela. Won't those two ever just admit they're in love? (Season 8 Episode 19...just kidding...I have no idea. But I am pretty sure it does happen at some point). And what teenage girl didn't dream of having Sam's gorgeous hair and magnificently 80's bangs? Ahh yes...the 80's bangs.

Let's pause for a moment of prayer:
Dear Jesus. Please don't ever let the bangs of the 80's make a return. Amen.

And we're back...
I am actually watching an episode right now. I think Angela's hair and glasses got bigger and bigger with each season. But Tony. Tony remained unchanging. Dark feathered hair, acid washed jeans, a colored t-shirt and an Italian accent that would make any girl swoon (insert as many sighs and dreamy eyes as necessary here).

Here's the thing I have realized about this show now that I'm (ahem) 33 years old and married. The sexual innuendo spewing from Mona's mouth! I had no idea when I was a kid what any of that meant and would have never caught on to it. But now I am wise...silly Mona...she's straight crazy! And she reminds me a lot of my grandma. Not the sexual innuendo part (you're gross). Her body type and mannerisms!

The one question that never got answered during it's 8 year run...Who is the Boss? Is it Tony? Is it Angela? Is it Sam? Is it Jonathan (who was, in fact, the worst actor in the 80's)? Was it Mona? Hmmmmm....I feel incomplete.

So here is my opinion.

You're welcome. Now your life can be complete too.

Thank you Hallmark for letting me relive my junior high awkwardness for a few minutes every day.


PS - they are also showing reruns of Little House on the Prairie but the intro music makes me feel sad and depressed. No thank you Laura.

The Bestie

Today I helped my best friend clear out some belongings of her mom, who passed away in November. This was a very personal time so I won't go into details but I do want to say this. My Bestie (of 20 years) handled herself with grace and strength that was unmatched. Her mom and her were extremely close. I cannot imagine what that feels like. To lose a parent. Ugh. Bleh. Barf.

She has had a peace and reliance on God that is inspirational (not that she really wanted to be inspirational in the first place...I'm sure she'd rather have her mom here than be inspirational to all of us). But inspirational she has been nonetheless. She understands that God sees the big picture. That God is still in control. And that God will be her comforter during this time of great trial. She knows that her mom is not in pain anymore. And that her mom is now in a place that is cancer free (blurg you cancer!!!!). That her mom is rejoicing in the presence of her Lord and Savior. At peace. At rest. At a big party.

That's the thing about God. There will be things that we won't understand here on earth. Because there is a spiritual war going on that we cannot see. And that is something we have to make our peace with. Why did He decide to take Mary home when she was 2 days away from her bone marrow transplant taking effect? Why did she even get cancer? Why did she have to die so young? Why? We live in a sinful world...and that sinful world produces bad things. But this world is not our home. It's a flash in eternity. Question is...where will you spend that eternity?

One thing I KNOW for certain is that Mary loved Jesus with all her heart. And she is there with him. Having a big party (because our Jesus loves a good party), waiting for her loved ones to meet her. She was one of the kindest, funniest, warm hearted, generous people I have ever known. And I miss her.

Bestie...I love you and pray for your heart every day. May Jesus mend what has been broken. Heal what has been wounded. And restore joy where gloom has settled in.


Friday, January 28, 2011

I Heart Today

Today was an incredible day.

Fridays are family days in this house and it's my favorite day of the week for several reasons.

1) We get to spend time as a family
2) There's no agenda
3) No emails or phone calls allowed...nope...I only wish this one was true
4) Family breakfast made by the hubs...yummm
5) There is almost always obnoxious behavior that takes place in public places (we're loud & proud...what can I say?)

Fridays. God bless them.

Today we ventured to Boulder City. The quaint small town about 15 minutes away. I love Boulder City. It's small and quaint. It's a happy sort of place with it's small quaintness.

Antique stores? check
The only classic A&W still left in the USA? check
One road in and out of town? check
A small hamburger joint that has deliciously greasy burgers? check

So we had some quaintly small fun. Went to Hoover Dam and said hello. Drove across the new bridge going into AZ. It takes approximately 5 minutes now to cross the Dam (it used to take 45...thank you bridge builder people!). Then we had lunch at a small hamburger joint that has deliciously greasy burgers. This is mostly where the loud, obnoxious behavior took place (small town folks hate us). It went a little something like this:

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was aware when we entered the building. This worked to our advantage because the crowds parted and we were able to get a booth (the Withey preferred seating choice) right away. We ordered, while the boy sang songs and loudly proclaimed that HE WANTED A MILKSHAKE! Then we colored. Coloring CAN be loud I will have you know! Food arrived. 4 spills and one chaotic meal later, the place cleared out. Sorry Pit Stop! But we had fun and that's all that matters. Isn't it? Ponderous. (I feel like I must mention that Baby Z was the only one not being obnoxious. He sat in his seat like a perfect angel...poor kid. He's gonna need counseling I'm sure)

Then we headed back into the city and went to Sunset Park to feed the birds. Ugh. I hate pigeons. It was a nightmare. The boy and the hubs had a blast. Hubs threw bread at me so that all the birds would swarm me. He makes me laugh. It's why we fell in love (swoon).
But then we went over to the playground. And played until the boy got a bloody nose...after all, you haven't really had fun until someone gets a bloody nose!

Came home. Played in the street. Had Shrimp Tomato Soup and Quesadillas for dinner. Yum.

Yep. It was a good day.

And to top it's clean sheet day. Ahhhh.

It's a feeling that none can top. The cool, crisp, yummy smelling goodness. It makes me feel happy and like I want to cry all at the same time. Maybe it's hormones...nah...I'm pretty sure it's the clean sheets.

Yep. Cozy. Happy Friday.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I actually have nothing to say right now. It's a Wednesday night miracle!

Hmmmmmm...wish I had something brilliantly awesome to say.

But I just don't.

Oh I know...nope...lost it.


Sometimes silence is bliss. My brain is NEVER quiet. Thank you brain for giving me a break.
I wonder if Baby Z will be up again at 3:30 in the AM!
Uh it comes. All the creative genius that is me.
Nope. Gone again.
Pizza! Yummmm
I heart Jesus. Maybe that would make a good shirt? Nah...too "christian copy cat"
Don't get me started.




Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome Eyes

Yesterday the boy and I were sitting on the couch. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and so I said, "buddy, you have awesome eyes." The he put his hand on my cheek and said, "you have beautiful eyes..." (insert heart melting and a big ahhhhhhh here)

It's moments like this that keep me sane.
In between the couch jumping, climbing on the counter, sword fighting, wrestling...all those boy things...I have these small moments with my boy that make it all worth it.

I love him.
And Baby Z.
And the Hubs.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Mmmmm...late night snacks...drool

Only down a lousy 2.2 pounds and I've been at this nonsense for almost 2 weeks now!


That's no sugar. No flour. No potatoes. Those are all the things I hold dear to my heart! Can you understand this? And only 2.2 pounds?

So now, now I am venturing into the no late night snacking zone. Which also holds a special place in my heart.

I learned it from my dad. I blame him for my love of late night snacking and I will shout it from the heavens! Growing up we called it the 10 o'clock snack. My Dad would inevitably wander into the kitchen, grab some bread and make an open face balogne sandwich (that's fancy talk for one piece of bread). This magnificent and glorious late night snack was almost always accompanied by a handful of fritos. Yum. Of and the siblings would join in this late night deliciousness.

And it has continued even now. One husband, 2 dogs, 2 kids and 15 years out of the house later.

I believe it is packing on the pounds.
Remember how I'm all jiggly and what not? Yeah...

I really want that open face sandwich right now. But I'm gonna have some stupid green tea instead. Thanks to the love (insert sarcastic face directed at the husband here). I do love him though. Darn it. :)

Sigh. Off to have some tea.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The boy and I have started doing 5 Favorite Things at dinnertime. I put up my hand and count down from 5 to 1 as the boy lists off his favorite things of the day. I love this because it helps me to be a part of his day and it doesn't allow the usual response of "fine" to the question "how was your day?" He has to think of actual answers. :) Tricksy...I know! But he has not caught on to my antics yet. Yay for 4 year olds!

Today his favorite things were as follows (in order)
5. Centers
4. Snack Time - crackers
3. Lunch
2. Playing outside
1. Playing outside again

Seems like a pretty spectacular day to me.

Tonight the boy asked me what my favorite things were. He held up his little hand and counted it down as I said each one...5-4-3-2-1..."Good job Mommy"

Today my favorite things were:
5. Spending time with Zeke at the docs...because he's fine, just a virus :)
4. Checked items off of my graphic list (It's about time!)
3. Going to Trader Joe's...oh how I love it there
2. Having lunch with the ladies
1. Picking up the boys from school

It's not as good as the boys...but still a pretty fantastical day.

I think I will keep this going until the boys are 30 :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Think Maybe I Changed My Mind About Kohls...maybe



I discovered this Christmas that I am not a fan of it. In fact, I realized that I hate going there almost as much as I hate going to Walmart...I said almost.

It's crowded. Disorganized. Crowded. Chaotic. Messy. Crowded. Did I say that already?

I know that many love Kohl's and their fabulous discounted prices. But I can't even get my brain to stop having an epileptic seizure long enough to find a great deal. I usually end up wandering aimlessly around the store just to wind up walking out with nothing to show for it except my obvious exhaustion. Hair disheveled, bags under eyes, droopy shoulders....ok I'm a bit of an exaggerator.

But tonight. Tonight we had Kohl's bargain success. I really wanted a pair of earrings. Just small studs. But I need real gold so that my ears don't swell up to the size of my Aunt Roberta and turn bright red and hot.

Tonight, the jewelry was 66% off and my mom, who came with me (and always loves a good bargain btw) also had a 30% off coupon. So we went to see if I could find some. The jewelry counter is actually surprisingly organized. The store had exactly 4 people in it (2 of them being was a Tuesday night miracle!) and I actually found a pair of REAL DIAMOND earrings in my price range. That's right...I said REAL DIAMONDS and price range all in the same sentence. Not just any price range. MY price range...which was approximately $38.25...ok $40 :)

1/8 karat. 14K White Gold. Perfection. Small. Just my style. You have to squint to tell they're diamonds and I actually like that.

Regular price: $125
Total: $32.53
Total Saved: $94.91 :)

Thank you Kohl's. It's about time you came through for me. There's a chance maybe I was wrong about you...maybe. We'll see.


Monday, January 17, 2011

It's All Jiggly and What Not

So...I'm on day 7 of no sugar. Yikes! It's been rough. I am seriously a sugar addict. I always knew I loved it but I didn't quite realize how deep my love for it went. Until I gave it up.

The first day I thought about sugar in the morning.
And in the late morning.
And in the afternoon.
And in the late afternoon.
And at night.
And late at night...I think you get the picture.

Someone needs to develop some sort of Sugars Anonymous. Heck...maybe it doesn't even need to be anonymous. I mean...I think it would be fairly obvious why a person was entering the meeting anyway. If they're anything like me...they're all jiggly and what not.

Jiggly and what not...ahhh yes. It's a super special feeling. How do you know if you're all jiggly and what not?

If you stop walking and still feel things moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If your child rubs your belly and it keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If your husband slaps your booty and it keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If you wave at someone and that under the arm skin keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.

It's a feeling like no other. And I would like that feeling to go away...hence the no sugar escapade.

It's all jiggly and what not...but not for long. Hopefully. Donuts. Dang it...I do love me some food. Chocolate. Ooops...I mean...oh well. Week kind to me please :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Moments Missed 3

Today was baby Z's dedication. It was awesome and inspirational and moving. It was 3 generations all together...dedicated to serving the Lord. I pray every day that my boys will love Jesus with all their hearts. Too bad I missed capturing the moment. I managed to remember to bring the camera but forgot to ask anyone to take pictures for me. So on the stroller it hung, missing the moment. Dang it. It's just what we do I guess. Praise the Lord for Aunt Gott who was snapping a few pictures from her seat. Yeesh!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Has Time to be Martha Stewart?

So...I realized today that I am NOT Martha Stewart. This was a very rude awakening. I was going through some of our baby supplies...replacing size 3 nipples for size 4 etc., and discovered a hand held/travel size baby food processor that had never been used. We received this item when the boy was born over 4 years ago. I swore that I was going to make my own baby food. How hard could it be? I thought to myself. I had this amazing idea that every Sunday I would put on my cute girly apron, gather my supplies of fresh veggies and fruit, boil and puree them and then freeze it in ice cube trays so that my child would have fresh homemade baby food all week long. Meanwhile the husband would be in the living room laughing and playing with the baby. It sounded so amazing and fantastical in my head. And then I had the baby. And in between dripping sore nipples, tired mommy eyes, being a wife, working full time...the dream came to a screeching halt and I thought...maybe with the next one.

Well...the next one is here and I am sad to report that the baby food processor has remained safely inside its box and has still not been touched. Both of my children have been reduced :) to eating baby food from a jar. I love to cook, I love to bake...but making baby food? Who does that? Who actually makes their own baby food? I am sure those wonderful women are out there...but I am not one of them. I have made my peace with this...because...who has time to be Martha Stewart except Martha Stewart? Maybe she doesn't even have time to be Martha Stewart...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moments Missed

My goal this year is to capture more moments. We always seem to miss them. It has now become the running joke...we miss's just what we do. "Hurry up! Grab the camera! He's about to make a goal!"....annnnnd we missed it...again. "Blurg!" Is what I shout to the heavens. I don't actually know why it's become a "thing" of ours. So this year...will be the year of moments captured. I am determined.

Below is a moment that I did capture in Vermont...I love my boy.
See? I don't miss all of them :)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Want Him to Grow Up!

Wow...July 20th was my last post? Really? You'd think I have been busy having a baby or something.

But I realized something today. My little baby Z is already 6 months old. That's a half a year for those of you not so good at math. How did 6 months go by already? The time has completely flown by...I feel like if I blink I will miss my boys growing up!

So I said to the boy tonight...
"Will you please stop growing up?" To which he replied, "I can't stop it. I just can't help it. I'm gonna get bigger and bigger"

Tears. Sigh.

I mean...I know he's supposed to get bigger. But I look at him now and he's in that perfect in between stage. Old enough to be independent, confident and a good communicator but young enough for that sweet innocence. He still has the baby chubs, the cute hands and wide eyed expressions of wonder. Oh how I will miss it when it's gone. So for now...I will enjoy the moments while they still have baby Z. :)

Lovesandboys :)