Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jesus Has Laser Eyes

I love talking to the boy about Jesus. It is often part of our conversations at bed time. I lay in bed with him and we talk about his day, sing songs, pray and talk about Jesus. On this particular evening a few months ago, the boy and I were participating in our nightly ritual when out of the blue we had the following conversation:

TheBoy: Mommy...there's a bad guy in our house!
Me: No...bad guys aren't allowed in our house
TheBoy: They're not?
Me: Nope. Know why?
TheBoy: Why?
Me: Cuz Jesus lives here
TheBoy: Oh...Jesus gots guns? In both hands?
Me: No...Jesus doesn't need guns
TheBoy: (eyes wide with wonder) oooohhhh....he shoots lasers out of his eyes?
Me: Yes. Yes he does

It's my favorite Jesus conversation so far with him. I love the childlike wonder and curiosity. I hope I never forget about these conversations...better yet...I hope he never forgets our Jesus conversations :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Boys are Great?

So...I have two children now. Not just two children...two boys! July 7, 2010 at 10:07 am Ezekiel Duncan was born into our family. So far, he has been an incredible baby. I pray every day that he stays that way! He has been such a blessing to our family already. How can you love someone so much when you've just met them? Yeesh...it's kind of ridiculous how much I love my boys.

Someone once told me that boys love em and leave em...their mothers that is. And it got me thinking...as I am recovering from a c-section, dealing with sore nipples (sorry any guys reading this), milk dripping everywhere, hormones raging...that the reason this is true about boys is because they never experience what their mom goes through. They can never comprehend the sacrifices and pains of a mother. This I have begun to reconcile because I think that how the boys are raised will determine their involvement in my life later and I don't accept this love em and leave em attitude.

I decided I love having boys (don't get me wrong...we will still be trying for a girl!). But boys are fun and adventurous. I don't have to make sure they look pretty when they leave the house...cuz they're boys and it's acceptable to have a little bit of messy hair on occasion :) I don't have to take them potty in public! I hate public bathrooms! These are bonuses that are magnificent and sometimes overlooked by moms who have boys.

So for now...I am content with my two boys. The brother dynamic is something I am excited to develop and nourish. I pray every day for these 3 things:

1) That they love Jesus every day with all their heart and never have the need to experience the world...how awesome to have no worldly baggage...Steve and I will give them enough baggage to carry I am sure!
2) That they marry women who love Jesus and loves our family!
3) That they know we did the best we could and that our family stays tight forever :)

Lovesandboys :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh...That's How it Works

The boy has become the talker and I love it! Everything leads to a question which leads to another question to another question to another question...I think you get the point :) It totally doesn't bother me because he genuinely wants to know everything and he is not going to give up easily. So...I patiently answer his questions and wait for the next one. There is always the moment in these conversations that my answer somehow makes sense all of a sudden and all the questions he's been asking all come together in one "it makes sense" moment and his reply is always..."oh...that's how it works." It cracks me up every time.

He's been fascinated with a building by our house that has been under construction. We literally drive by it every day and he anxiously awaits the rounding of the corner until he can see the building and every day he asks, "can we go in it yet?" My reply is always the same, "Not yet. It's not done being built." To which his reply is "What's being built?" So we have a discussion about what construction means and that the building needs doors and windows and walls before anyone can go in. Just last week the building got all it's doors and windows. This made the boy very excited and he exclaimed "It has doors and windows! We can go in it now?" My reply was very unsatisfactory for him as I explained that the inside still had to be finished so that a business could open. "What's a business?" Was his reply...

So we discussed what that meant with a million questions in between. He has not had an "oh that's how it works" moment with this one yet. I can't wait until the building is done...neither can he... :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Opposite Man

So lately the boy, in his own 3 year old rebellion, is enjoying saying the opposite of anything anybody says. For instance, he was out to dinner with Steve and Grandpa the other night and my dad pointed to the Strawberry syrup and said "that's strawberry syrup!" and the boy replied, "that's not strawberry syrup." It seriouslt could be the most obviously true statement and he will still say the opposite. "Those are your shoes" and the boy's reply would be "no they're not."

This whole thing has been a recent development and started out kinda funny. It is no longer funny(ok sometimes it is still) and an obvious rebellious attitude. So consequences have been put into place and for now it has gotten better; but I am sure that the opposite man still resides within my little boy. :)