Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jesus Has Laser Eyes

I love talking to the boy about Jesus. It is often part of our conversations at bed time. I lay in bed with him and we talk about his day, sing songs, pray and talk about Jesus. On this particular evening a few months ago, the boy and I were participating in our nightly ritual when out of the blue we had the following conversation:

TheBoy: Mommy...there's a bad guy in our house!
Me: No...bad guys aren't allowed in our house
TheBoy: They're not?
Me: Nope. Know why?
TheBoy: Why?
Me: Cuz Jesus lives here
TheBoy: Oh...Jesus gots guns? In both hands?
Me: No...Jesus doesn't need guns
TheBoy: (eyes wide with wonder) oooohhhh....he shoots lasers out of his eyes?
Me: Yes. Yes he does

It's my favorite Jesus conversation so far with him. I love the childlike wonder and curiosity. I hope I never forget about these conversations...better yet...I hope he never forgets our Jesus conversations :)


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  1. I can totally picture and hear this conversation - love it!