Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lola. Period.

I feel ashamed. And sad. And horrified. That it has been exactly 9o-ish days since I have posted. To my 5 faithful readers. I am sorry. But I am more sorry that 3 months have gone by without even a word written about the funny-ness that is my life. The children. The husband. The dog. There is always some sort of chaos. Trust me.

For example. Two days ago the air conditioning in our house went out. I was home with the boys that day and realized the house was getting gradually warmer. At first I was deep in the throes of denial and thought it was just because I had made scones and the oven had been at 425 for a good hour. Combined with the fact that this is Vegas and it's exactly 210 degrees outside. As the day went on the house got warmer. And I got grumpier. I decided it was best to call the hubs.

So I did. And he called our Home Warranty. And they called out a repairman. Who couldn't come until the next day. Sometime between the hours of 8am to 6pm. Lovely.

One sleepover at my sister's house and 10 scones later...our air was fixed and all was well with the world again.

Until Lola started her period. At my sister's house while I was at work. (insert evil mwahahaha here). My sister said she had PMS. Poor Lola. Poor sister. Lucky me :)

The boys are big. Baby Z turned one while I've been away from this lovely blog. One. Did I mention he turned one? Remember how I just gave birth to him yesterday? Seriously. He is still cute. But feisty. Yep. The sweet, laid back, easy-going Baby Z has now entered the "scream and throw a fit when he doesn't get his own way" phase. It's SUPER FUN! Lots of thrashing and crying...mostly from me. He's just strong willed and super smart. That's what we tell ourselves anyway. It somehow makes us feel better. For a minute.

Yep. Parenting. It's a challenge. And each day is filled with that one question every parent is seeking the answer to...


More to come. I need a scone.