Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Instagram Love and Red Balloons

I love instagram. The more I am on Instagram the more I find myself despising Facebook. Instagram is mostly happy. No drama. Good clean fun. (I believe this statement to be true for adults who have a sense of the Godly, and unGodly) I CHOOSE to follow people on Instagram who make me smile, are positive, love Jesus, are entertaining and who make me laugh. I follow people who I have never met in person but who I have grown to love because of what they stand for. Emmy Blakely, for instance, who is an advocate for adoption. She raises funds for OTHER people’s families to be whole through adoption. Her personal journey with adoption and infertility is an inspiration to me. So I stalk...I mean follow her...and support the adoption fundraising she does. She was the first that I started following without having a personal relationship. Steve often times makes fun of me because of the fake friends that I have made on Instagram. But I don’t care...what does he know? Boys just don’t understand :) 

I began writing this today because one of the people that I follow posted a picture of a mom, dad and little boy asking people to pray for them because of the tragedy they are going through. I began digging and looking for answers as to what happened. My worst thought was reality. The precious, red haired, 3 year old little boy smiling in that picture had died in a tragic accident. He ran out in the street chasing a frisbee and was hit by a truck. My heart has been broken for this family, that I don’t even know, all day. I can’t help but imagine if that tragedy had happened to us. I think about our 3 year old little boy. How much life, laughter, fun and joy he brings to our lives every day. To lose either of my boys in a flash would send me spiraling. I cannot imagine the pain these parents are experiencing. The fight they feel just to breathe. To wake up. To put on clothes. To shower. To eat. To pray. Every task, I would imagine, would feel monumental and yet insignificant. It’s a reminder to me today that this life is temporary. That this life can end in an instant. I know that handsome boy is running with Jesus, free from this world. But his parents are left in the wake of death and tragedy. Would you lift a prayer for them? Their names are Dan and Jacqui. In the midst of darkness we need others to lift us up in prayer. Because even praying seems too hard. My heart breaks for this mommy and daddy that just a few days ago, played with their little not knowing it would be the end. To learn more about this family, search for #redballoonsforryan on Instagram, where you will find pictures and some small businesses doing fundraisers to support the family, if you’re interested. 

Hug your little ones tight. Take the time to put down your phone, your computer, your ipad. Turn off the TV. Go play. Play like you’ve never played before. Use your imagination. Engage in their interests. Put aside your agenda of laundry, and cleaning and dinner and making lunches....and remember that life is short. The laundry will still be there tomorrow. Feed your family though...people do need to eat. Savor the little moments. I heard someone say once to never let go of a child’s hug, but allow them to be the one to let go first. You just never know how long of a hug they need that day. I have put that to practice in our family and what a joy it has been to hold my kids until they choose to let go. Sometimes it’s fast. But sometimes they sink in and because I’m paying attention, I know they need it that day. So I hold tight until they’re done. 

This tragedy hit me hard because it feels so close to home. I could be the one laying down to sleep tonight without my baby boy tucked tightly and lovingly into his bed. I am thankful to our Savior for Hope in the midst of storms. I know and trust that somehow Jesus will give this family the strength to make it through another day. For the faith to know that he won’t waste this hurt. And for His love to swell inside them providing peace and comfort as they walk day to day, never the same again.