Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me and Mr. Potato Head Have a Love Hate Relationship Right Now

Before we had kids I bought a giant Mr. Potato Head at Costco. Inside the giant potato head was a whole family of potato heads with the usual parts and pieces for each. A purse for the Mrs. and a flowered hat for the little girl were included. It was a novelty that I liked to display in our lving room...I thought it was fun to look at. Then my nephew and niece were born and they had a blast playing with it too. We would empty out the giant potato and the amazing sea of parts and pieces would flow out of it like some sort of oddly colored body part river. We would play and make up different looks for each of the Potato family members. And then my nephew and niece would go home and Mr. Potato Head would return to his home on the shelf where his smiling face with perfect white teeth and red nose would amuse me until the next time it was time to play. My feelings for Mr. Potato Head have since changed. I now find myself, since becoming a mom of a boy, picking up pieces and parts of the giant Mr. Potato Head from under every piece of furniture, tucked into nooks and cranies and stashed anywhere the boy thinks would be a safe and secret hiding place for the unusually colored body parts of the Mr. Potato Head. At times I find this amusing. At times I find this annoying. Say for instance I find a Mr. Potato Head ear in my sock drawer...amusing. Say I find a Mr. Potato Head shoe inside of one of my shoes...also amusing. But to find a Mr. Potato Head eyes in the chip bag? Actually...also amusing. So the times I find it annoying are when I have just cleaned the house and I have found that the boy has dumped the entire giant Mr. Potato Head onto the living room floor and then walked away. Why? Why...I ask myself...why? For the pure enjoyment of making a mess I am pretty sure. I love to hate all of those million pieces and parts of the giant Mr. Potato Head and then I see that perfect white smile...and I am in love once again.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Peripheral Vision Was Not So Much

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you have lost all peripheral vision and the benefits that come with it? Suddenly you are dropping things, tripping on stuff and not able to handle daily tasks with the same ballerina-esque fluidity that you do on a normal day. That's how my Thursday was from the minute I woke up. It was one of those days that just feels weird. Nothing was going quite right. It was almost right...I blame my lack of peripheral vision. It felt like I could only see right in front of me. Not down or off to either side. Just direclty in front. This absolutely becomes an issue for every day tasks. You begin to appreciate the peripheral. It was a day that started out weird, slowly worked its way into the average category, then it got good...but it ended great.

After work we headed as a family to visit our friends, who just had twins, at the hospital. I had made them dinner that day...which let me tell you is a difficult thing to do when one's peripheral vision is not so much working. We brought it to the hospital and we were going to eat there with them in their room. The boy made me so proud. He walked right with us and stayed and sat when asked. Good boy :). Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to our dog. This makes me feel like an unfit mother so I do try to catch myself..."sit,!"...this is what I'm talking about. Nonetheless, he was very good and very patient while we hung out at the hospital and helped our friends move rooms and load up their car. My husband ended up taking the boy home for bed so that I could go see the girls in the NICU. What a good man he is.

This may sound strange but this is when my day started to go from good to great. I walked into the NICU, scrubbed up my apparently dirty hands, and walked over to my friends who were sitting next to their little twin girls. The girls are doing good, but are still hooked up to who knows how many different machines and wires. They had little cloth sunglasses on and you could see the cutest scrawny little arms I have ever seen poking out from around the wires and blankets. It was so amazing to see! It's amazing how hard we have to work to finish something God does so easily. Here's the thing. It wasn't sad. There was a peace from God that was so real and profound you could almost see it hovering over those girls beds. You know there's an angel on duty for each one day and night. It was peaceful. A peace only God can bring. I got to hold each of their little hands and pray for each one. I can't imagine the rollercoaster ride of emotions that my friends are on, but you can see the same peace in their faces. I feel sorry and sad for those going through something like this without God!

When I got home I had the incredible urge to hold my son. So I told my husband "I'm going in to see the boy." He responded with a loving "Are you crazy? Leave him alone! What if he wakes up?" It's amazing the joy you find while watching them sleep and the complete fear that can overwhelm as they show signs of waking before the proper time. But that night I didn't care. I went in his room, picked him up and we sat in his rocker together. He laid in my arms asleep, looking more awesome than ever, and I sat and prayed for the girls and our friends at the same time thanking God for my boy. I leaned down and whispered to the boy "I love you" and without missing a beat in his sleep he smiled and said "love you." And that's when my day made the complete transformation from good to great.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Fancy Day

Today is fancy because...

I laid in bed this morning, my face pounding from the constant waves of sinus pressure, and heard my boy yelling from his room..."mommy! wake up!" So I did what any self respecting mother would do at 7 am. I rolled over and hit my husband and said "the boy needs you." Being the blessed husband that he is, he rolled out of bed and went and got the boy. Lately we have been bringing him in bed with us in the morning. It's the sweetest family time that we ever have. We lay in bed, sometimes with the witty tunes of the Wiggles playing on the tv...we cuddle and laugh, give zerberts, and enjoy our time together before we have to drag our sleepy butts out of bed and head into the day. So that is what we did this morning. Steve plopped him on the bed and he crawled over to me with a big smile on his face and said "hi mommy!" It's my favorite way to wake up. That smile and sweet voice welcoming me into a brand new day. I asked him how his sleep was and he said "good." I love the way he talks so I make sure I ask questions that allow him to answer with actual words instead of yes or no. After one round of the Wiggles and some cuddles later, he was ready to get down and ready to eat! That boy can pound the food! So we got up and headed out to the kitchen for some breakfast. Eggs with ham and toast...delicious...just in case you were wondering. While breakfast was getting ready he got cranky! I call it the hunger blues...he's not quite old enough to express with accurate precision..."mother I am hungry." So...two spankings and one time out later, we ate breakfast and my sweet boy returned from the abyss of the hunger blues.

This is why my day was fancy...
When I got out of the shower this morning I checked my texts and found out that our good friends were having their baby twins this morning! 9 weeks early. I rushed to get ready and headed to the hospital. Mom and babies are both doing great. I am just so thankful to God for the gift of life and the joy that parenthood brings. I was overjoyed to know that our friends would now be able to share in the joy and craziness (come on now! Can I get a witness!) that being a mom and dad brings. What a great day so far and it's only 2:30. I can't wait to pick up my son from school...the sadness of a working mother is for a whole other blog...but for now I will look forward to the smile on his face when I walk into his classroom to pick him up for the day. Man....what a day! What a fancy day....