Monday, April 4, 2011

Tennis + The Ice Cream Man = MAGIC

Today we "played" tennis with the children. All of them. The boy, Baby Z, Niece and Nephew. It was interesting. Have you ever played tennis with a baby on your hip? I have.

I use the term "played tennis" in the loosest sense of the word. There was a lot of running after the balls, missed hits, re-dos, do-overs and wanderings into the desert in search of tennis balls gone missing. But it was fun. Except that I forgot to feed Baby Z before we left. So my usually incredibly happy, non-cranky baby was fussy and sad and WANTED HIS MOMMY! That's what he shouted at me from the sidelines (in his head anyway...I just know it). Poor baby. I am quite certain that I will win Mommy of the Year for 2011. What? That's a real award isn't it? So I played with him on my hip for the last half hour we were there. My left bicep is bulging with muscular-ness.

When we first arrived we had the entire court...there were two of them. And then some older men arrived and started staring at us. So I offered to move us all to one court so they could have the other. They were appreciative. I'm nice.

They were almost as bad as we were but my nephew was very impressed with their skills. Just after I thought to myself how cute these two old men were and also how bad they really were at playing...he busted out (loudly, I might add) "whoa...they're good." I am pretty sure I saw one of the old men smile. They played better after that. Maybe they're tennis self-esteem got boosted. That would be swell. Cuz they were cute. And nice. And retrieved the 4,678,987 tennis balls that we sent into their court. Thanks old guys!

And then we were leaving and I heard it. Actually the boy heard it first. The ice cream man. Suddenly, I felt like I was 6 years old again and was filled with joyful glee that the ice cream man was coming. The kids and I...ah hem...I mean JUST the kids were all jumping up and down yelling "It's the ice cream man!" Suddenly I found myself looking at the husband asking for a treat from the ice cream man. I'm pretty sure I didn't need his permission but it sure felt like it in the moment. I love when I get to feel like a kid again.

Everything about the ice cream man is the same. The emotions. The smile it brings. The need to buy a deliciously cold treat. The music (hum it with me). The snow cones. Ahhhh...the snow cones. So we got ice cream from the ice cream man (it was actually a woman but ice cream woman just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it). It was before dinner. Again...I'm holding my breath for that Mom of the Year Award. :) It was delicious.

I love tennis. And more importantly...I love the ice cream man. It was a magical time.