Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Opposite Man

So lately the boy, in his own 3 year old rebellion, is enjoying saying the opposite of anything anybody says. For instance, he was out to dinner with Steve and Grandpa the other night and my dad pointed to the Strawberry syrup and said "that's strawberry syrup!" and the boy replied, "that's not strawberry syrup." It seriouslt could be the most obviously true statement and he will still say the opposite. "Those are your shoes" and the boy's reply would be "no they're not."

This whole thing has been a recent development and started out kinda funny. It is no longer funny(ok sometimes it is still) and an obvious rebellious attitude. So consequences have been put into place and for now it has gotten better; but I am sure that the opposite man still resides within my little boy. :)


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  1. Oh Opposite Man - that's a fun one. Just wait a few more months and instead of Opposite Man you may meet up with Defiant, Angry Man...he's a SUPER fun guy we're enjoying right now. PLEASE pick up on my sarcasm. :) So nice to see a post from you!