Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Car Conversations Part 2

So this conversation was not between me and the boy, but between my husband and the boy. They were on the way home from school and the boy had done something that he knew resulted in a spanking. Below is the converstation as told to me by Steve:

Boy: Daddy? Can I take my shoes off?
Steve: No dude, we gotta go somewhere before we go home.
Boy: Already took them off Daddy
Steve: Well...you gotta have a consequence now
Boy: Oh. I didn't listen?
Steve: No, you didn't listen
Boy: Oh...not a spanking? How 'bout a time out?

Dang their smart even at 2! It's ridiculous. How do you punish the kid after that? Hilarious!


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  1. Ha Ha! Yep - he's definitely getting close to 3 and being too smart for his own good! :)