Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eye Boogers

Today I stayed home. My baby Z is sick. Sads.

He has eye boogers (this phrase completely grosses out my dad btw and makes me laugh) coming out like crazy. Poor kid. It's like his nose and eyes have become one. Just green goo everywhere. You're welcome.

So...the boy was going to go to school but I just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing I would be home all day. I just pictured him. Stuck at school. All sad and lonely. Eating his balogne sandwich at some cold, hard, red-colored table, with exactly one million kids surrounding him. It's really only 6 kids at his table, but in my mom brain, he's surrounded by gross snotty (from the nose kind, not the stuck up kind) kids who's mom's don't love them enough to stay at home. Then he'll stand in line like cattle to use the restroom before proceeding to a mat on the floor where he will lay awake for 2 hours. Because my kid WON'T SLEEP AT SCHOOL!

Wow...that was super dramatic.
Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we play these things up in our brains and then torture ourselves with them? (or maybe it's just me?)

The true reality is that his preschool is awesome. He loves to eat lunch with his friends. I am pretty sure that they go to the bathroom one by one when they are done eating (I will have to check on this one). And the mats are covered with his sheet from home and a cozy blanket...also from home. That's not even mentioning the fun stuff they do in the morning! Seat work...actual learning instead of just wrestling, games and movie watching with Mommy...they are much better parents than me :)...Going outside to play on the swings and slides and run around like monkeys (and I might add...where someone else has to smell the sweaty funk).

And he didn't even sleep at nap time at home today.

We had a ton of fun though so I guess the dramatic-ness (it's a word for heaven's sake) was worth it.

Mom guilt. It's a beautiful thing that all the mom's in the universe will have just have to learn to deal with. How did dad's get off so easy? :)

Eye boogers. Yum. Somewhere my dad is throwing up in his mouth a little bit.


PS - tomorrow he's going to school...

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  1. minus the "kids whose mom's don't love them enough to stay home" comment, this blog was funny! I love the mom thoughts vs. reality part. The kids view/reality is so much better than what we mom's play in our head. Sad baby Zekee is sicky sicky :( Hope he feels better soon too!!