Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Hallmark Channel. I heart you so...for one reason and one reason only...ok...there are 2 reasons.

1) Who's the Boss reruns
2) The cheesy movies...I just can't help myself! ('s a shameful secret)

Who's the Boss. Who doesn't love a good dose of Tony Macelli every once in a while? I grew up on this show. This show holds a special place in my heart. From the opening theme song (sing it with me...a brand new life! A brand new life! Around the...), to the witty antics of Mona and the incessant sexual tension between Tony and Angela. Won't those two ever just admit they're in love? (Season 8 Episode 19...just kidding...I have no idea. But I am pretty sure it does happen at some point). And what teenage girl didn't dream of having Sam's gorgeous hair and magnificently 80's bangs? Ahh yes...the 80's bangs.

Let's pause for a moment of prayer:
Dear Jesus. Please don't ever let the bangs of the 80's make a return. Amen.

And we're back...
I am actually watching an episode right now. I think Angela's hair and glasses got bigger and bigger with each season. But Tony. Tony remained unchanging. Dark feathered hair, acid washed jeans, a colored t-shirt and an Italian accent that would make any girl swoon (insert as many sighs and dreamy eyes as necessary here).

Here's the thing I have realized about this show now that I'm (ahem) 33 years old and married. The sexual innuendo spewing from Mona's mouth! I had no idea when I was a kid what any of that meant and would have never caught on to it. But now I am wise...silly Mona...she's straight crazy! And she reminds me a lot of my grandma. Not the sexual innuendo part (you're gross). Her body type and mannerisms!

The one question that never got answered during it's 8 year run...Who is the Boss? Is it Tony? Is it Angela? Is it Sam? Is it Jonathan (who was, in fact, the worst actor in the 80's)? Was it Mona? Hmmmmm....I feel incomplete.

So here is my opinion.

You're welcome. Now your life can be complete too.

Thank you Hallmark for letting me relive my junior high awkwardness for a few minutes every day.


PS - they are also showing reruns of Little House on the Prairie but the intro music makes me feel sad and depressed. No thank you Laura.

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  1. I second the amen on never bringing back the 80's bangs. It really was a tragedy. Can I come over and watch Little House on the Prairie... it was my favorite!