Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The boy and I have started doing 5 Favorite Things at dinnertime. I put up my hand and count down from 5 to 1 as the boy lists off his favorite things of the day. I love this because it helps me to be a part of his day and it doesn't allow the usual response of "fine" to the question "how was your day?" He has to think of actual answers. :) Tricksy...I know! But he has not caught on to my antics yet. Yay for 4 year olds!

Today his favorite things were as follows (in order)
5. Centers
4. Snack Time - crackers
3. Lunch
2. Playing outside
1. Playing outside again

Seems like a pretty spectacular day to me.

Tonight the boy asked me what my favorite things were. He held up his little hand and counted it down as I said each one...5-4-3-2-1..."Good job Mommy"

Today my favorite things were:
5. Spending time with Zeke at the docs...because he's fine, just a virus :)
4. Checked items off of my graphic list (It's about time!)
3. Going to Trader Joe's...oh how I love it there
2. Having lunch with the ladies
1. Picking up the boys from school

It's not as good as the boys...but still a pretty fantastical day.

I think I will keep this going until the boys are 30 :)


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