Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Bestie

Today I helped my best friend clear out some belongings of her mom, who passed away in November. This was a very personal time so I won't go into details but I do want to say this. My Bestie (of 20 years) handled herself with grace and strength that was unmatched. Her mom and her were extremely close. I cannot imagine what that feels like. To lose a parent. Ugh. Bleh. Barf.

She has had a peace and reliance on God that is inspirational (not that she really wanted to be inspirational in the first place...I'm sure she'd rather have her mom here than be inspirational to all of us). But inspirational she has been nonetheless. She understands that God sees the big picture. That God is still in control. And that God will be her comforter during this time of great trial. She knows that her mom is not in pain anymore. And that her mom is now in a place that is cancer free (blurg you cancer!!!!). That her mom is rejoicing in the presence of her Lord and Savior. At peace. At rest. At a big party.

That's the thing about God. There will be things that we won't understand here on earth. Because there is a spiritual war going on that we cannot see. And that is something we have to make our peace with. Why did He decide to take Mary home when she was 2 days away from her bone marrow transplant taking effect? Why did she even get cancer? Why did she have to die so young? Why? We live in a sinful world...and that sinful world produces bad things. But this world is not our home. It's a flash in eternity. Question is...where will you spend that eternity?

One thing I KNOW for certain is that Mary loved Jesus with all her heart. And she is there with him. Having a big party (because our Jesus loves a good party), waiting for her loved ones to meet her. She was one of the kindest, funniest, warm hearted, generous people I have ever known. And I miss her.

Bestie...I love you and pray for your heart every day. May Jesus mend what has been broken. Heal what has been wounded. And restore joy where gloom has settled in.


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