Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Has Time to be Martha Stewart?

So...I realized today that I am NOT Martha Stewart. This was a very rude awakening. I was going through some of our baby supplies...replacing size 3 nipples for size 4 etc., and discovered a hand held/travel size baby food processor that had never been used. We received this item when the boy was born over 4 years ago. I swore that I was going to make my own baby food. How hard could it be? I thought to myself. I had this amazing idea that every Sunday I would put on my cute girly apron, gather my supplies of fresh veggies and fruit, boil and puree them and then freeze it in ice cube trays so that my child would have fresh homemade baby food all week long. Meanwhile the husband would be in the living room laughing and playing with the baby. It sounded so amazing and fantastical in my head. And then I had the baby. And in between dripping sore nipples, tired mommy eyes, being a wife, working full time...the dream came to a screeching halt and I thought...maybe with the next one.

Well...the next one is here and I am sad to report that the baby food processor has remained safely inside its box and has still not been touched. Both of my children have been reduced :) to eating baby food from a jar. I love to cook, I love to bake...but making baby food? Who does that? Who actually makes their own baby food? I am sure those wonderful women are out there...but I am not one of them. I have made my peace with this...because...who has time to be Martha Stewart except Martha Stewart? Maybe she doesn't even have time to be Martha Stewart...



  1. Haha I thought the same thing but never even attempted it once! Women who make their own baby food are amazing time managers and/or women who have their own nanny!

  2. Love the new blog design and header! Did you make it?

    Yeah no sense trying to kill ourselves to be Martha. Em didn't get the homemade baby food either. No time. :)

  3. I don't think I ever aspired to make my own baby food but when I was pregnant with Matthew I said my kids would NEVER eat fast food. By the time Mikayla was a year old she would say "fry fry" whenever we drove past a McDonald's..... see how well that worked out.

  4. Sarah...a nanny! God bless's not for me though :) I would rather not have homemade baby food! Ha!

    Bean - I did make it...thanks! :)

    Karin - hilarious! It's funny the things we swear we will/won't do as parents. Oh well. They will all need therapy some day...I know my kids will! :)