Friday, January 28, 2011

I Heart Today

Today was an incredible day.

Fridays are family days in this house and it's my favorite day of the week for several reasons.

1) We get to spend time as a family
2) There's no agenda
3) No emails or phone calls allowed...nope...I only wish this one was true
4) Family breakfast made by the hubs...yummm
5) There is almost always obnoxious behavior that takes place in public places (we're loud & proud...what can I say?)

Fridays. God bless them.

Today we ventured to Boulder City. The quaint small town about 15 minutes away. I love Boulder City. It's small and quaint. It's a happy sort of place with it's small quaintness.

Antique stores? check
The only classic A&W still left in the USA? check
One road in and out of town? check
A small hamburger joint that has deliciously greasy burgers? check

So we had some quaintly small fun. Went to Hoover Dam and said hello. Drove across the new bridge going into AZ. It takes approximately 5 minutes now to cross the Dam (it used to take 45...thank you bridge builder people!). Then we had lunch at a small hamburger joint that has deliciously greasy burgers. This is mostly where the loud, obnoxious behavior took place (small town folks hate us). It went a little something like this:

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was aware when we entered the building. This worked to our advantage because the crowds parted and we were able to get a booth (the Withey preferred seating choice) right away. We ordered, while the boy sang songs and loudly proclaimed that HE WANTED A MILKSHAKE! Then we colored. Coloring CAN be loud I will have you know! Food arrived. 4 spills and one chaotic meal later, the place cleared out. Sorry Pit Stop! But we had fun and that's all that matters. Isn't it? Ponderous. (I feel like I must mention that Baby Z was the only one not being obnoxious. He sat in his seat like a perfect angel...poor kid. He's gonna need counseling I'm sure)

Then we headed back into the city and went to Sunset Park to feed the birds. Ugh. I hate pigeons. It was a nightmare. The boy and the hubs had a blast. Hubs threw bread at me so that all the birds would swarm me. He makes me laugh. It's why we fell in love (swoon).
But then we went over to the playground. And played until the boy got a bloody nose...after all, you haven't really had fun until someone gets a bloody nose!

Came home. Played in the street. Had Shrimp Tomato Soup and Quesadillas for dinner. Yum.

Yep. It was a good day.

And to top it's clean sheet day. Ahhhh.

It's a feeling that none can top. The cool, crisp, yummy smelling goodness. It makes me feel happy and like I want to cry all at the same time. Maybe it's hormones...nah...I'm pretty sure it's the clean sheets.

Yep. Cozy. Happy Friday.