Friday, January 21, 2011

Mmmmm...late night snacks...drool

Only down a lousy 2.2 pounds and I've been at this nonsense for almost 2 weeks now!


That's no sugar. No flour. No potatoes. Those are all the things I hold dear to my heart! Can you understand this? And only 2.2 pounds?

So now, now I am venturing into the no late night snacking zone. Which also holds a special place in my heart.

I learned it from my dad. I blame him for my love of late night snacking and I will shout it from the heavens! Growing up we called it the 10 o'clock snack. My Dad would inevitably wander into the kitchen, grab some bread and make an open face balogne sandwich (that's fancy talk for one piece of bread). This magnificent and glorious late night snack was almost always accompanied by a handful of fritos. Yum. Of and the siblings would join in this late night deliciousness.

And it has continued even now. One husband, 2 dogs, 2 kids and 15 years out of the house later.

I believe it is packing on the pounds.
Remember how I'm all jiggly and what not? Yeah...

I really want that open face sandwich right now. But I'm gonna have some stupid green tea instead. Thanks to the love (insert sarcastic face directed at the husband here). I do love him though. Darn it. :)

Sigh. Off to have some tea.



  1. Well, know you're not alone...I ended up putting on a total of 25 pounds between the end of 3rd year of med school and now (6 months into residency), so I am going back on a diet...I am tired of only having one pair of scrubs that I fit into and not being able to even squeeze into my jeans anymore.
    One thing I found was to not watch the scale for every 'accomplishment'. Especially if you're adding working out. For example, this last week I worked really hard (watching what I ate, no candy/ice cream/junk food, as well as working out at least 30 minutes every day). My muscles were sore, but I was ready for the scale...1.5 pounds. Seriously? All that sweating/giving up the joys of candy and ice cream/miserableness for 1.5? So I dug out the measuring tape. Well, at least I got an inch off my hips. That is worth the week of torture there. A slight step towards fitting back into those jeans.
    And sugar free popsicles as a late night snack help too...though they usually taste better in July...


  2. i have the same light night problem. my mom didn't teach me to eat it late at night but the craving and habit of cocoa krispies is definitely her doing. nothing better than a huge bowl of cocoa krispies at 10pm, somehow they just don't taste as good in the morning. i too have switched to tea but i do the sleepytime vanilla with a bit of honey. . . followed by a spoonful of honey in the mouth. oh well, better than a box of cereal.

  3. Don't give up! I have lost weight before pretty easily. Trying to do it now and the scale is changing, but much slower. The difference..... In the past I exercised regularly - this time I'm just eating healthy. We need to MOVE! Wanna start walking together once or twice a week?