Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Think Maybe I Changed My Mind About Kohls...maybe



I discovered this Christmas that I am not a fan of it. In fact, I realized that I hate going there almost as much as I hate going to Walmart...I said almost.

It's crowded. Disorganized. Crowded. Chaotic. Messy. Crowded. Did I say that already?

I know that many love Kohl's and their fabulous discounted prices. But I can't even get my brain to stop having an epileptic seizure long enough to find a great deal. I usually end up wandering aimlessly around the store just to wind up walking out with nothing to show for it except my obvious exhaustion. Hair disheveled, bags under eyes, droopy shoulders....ok ok...so I'm a bit of an exaggerator.

But tonight. Tonight we had Kohl's bargain success. I really wanted a pair of earrings. Just small studs. But I need real gold so that my ears don't swell up to the size of my Aunt Roberta and turn bright red and hot.

Tonight, the jewelry was 66% off and my mom, who came with me (and always loves a good bargain btw) also had a 30% off coupon. So we went to see if I could find some. The jewelry counter is actually surprisingly organized. The store had exactly 4 people in it (2 of them being us...it was a Tuesday night miracle!) and I actually found a pair of REAL DIAMOND earrings in my price range. That's right...I said REAL DIAMONDS and price range all in the same sentence. Not just any price range. MY price range...which was approximately $38.25...ok $40 :)

1/8 karat. 14K White Gold. Perfection. Small. Just my style. You have to squint to tell they're diamonds and I actually like that.

Regular price: $125
Total: $32.53
Total Saved: $94.91 :)

Thank you Kohl's. It's about time you came through for me. There's a chance maybe I was wrong about you...maybe. We'll see.



  1. Great find! Sorry to hear your Kohl's down there are so disorganized, the ones around here are pretty clean and well put together and staffed.

  2. Agreed Mindy. Bekah, how bout a pic! They sound fabulous and the price, amazing!