Monday, January 17, 2011

It's All Jiggly and What Not

So...I'm on day 7 of no sugar. Yikes! It's been rough. I am seriously a sugar addict. I always knew I loved it but I didn't quite realize how deep my love for it went. Until I gave it up.

The first day I thought about sugar in the morning.
And in the late morning.
And in the afternoon.
And in the late afternoon.
And at night.
And late at night...I think you get the picture.

Someone needs to develop some sort of Sugars Anonymous. Heck...maybe it doesn't even need to be anonymous. I mean...I think it would be fairly obvious why a person was entering the meeting anyway. If they're anything like me...they're all jiggly and what not.

Jiggly and what not...ahhh yes. It's a super special feeling. How do you know if you're all jiggly and what not?

If you stop walking and still feel things moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If your child rubs your belly and it keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If your husband slaps your booty and it keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.
If you wave at someone and that under the arm skin keeps moving...then you're all jiggly and what not.

It's a feeling like no other. And I would like that feeling to go away...hence the no sugar escapade.

It's all jiggly and what not...but not for long. Hopefully. Donuts. Dang it...I do love me some food. Chocolate. Ooops...I mean...oh well. Week kind to me please :)



  1. I was off sugar when I was pregnant with Sarah because I had gestational diabetes. I got my fix from fruit. Dried fruit is good. I did have a limit everyday but it was so yummy when I needed something sweet. Another good idea is sugar free gum. I have been thinking about my sugar intake too. Now you really have me thinkin'. Good job friend, YOU CAN DO IT!! Just be careful to stay away from the fake sugars and phenylalanine. You are better off using stevia or truvia.

  2. Oh friend you crack me up and I miss you so! I told Kyle yesterday that we're coming to visit you. :) Not sure when or how it's going to work but I'm missing my Bekah, Steve & J and need to meet little E!

    You are brave woman! I will totally join you on the sugar addicts anonymous, it's been a downhill fall for me since mid-December and I think I've put on about 8 lbs. just this last month. I would confess all I've been eating but don't think it would be fair to mention it all and worsen your temptation. I'll be praying for you and maybe you've motivated me to break my sugar addiction as well....maybe. :)

  3. You are so funny! I love this post!!! Yay for no sugar!!! Yes, it is awful, but it does cut my cravings once I am off of it. After Christmas (totally lost control by the way) went back on the no sugar no carbs and have finally lost what I had gained. SOOOOO, hopefully will actually lose some this month, instead of playing catchup. Keep it up. It does get easier. I even passed up the yummiest looking cake this weekend, and it didn't even bother me, well, it was still hard, but easier than before. :) Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  4. Praise Jesus for bananas. They have saved me :) cravings...yes. Have for sure gotten better. It's amazing how the less crap you have the less you crave it. I guess our bodies are smart like that. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! :)

  5. The above was me...blurg you cyberspace.