Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Just the Beginning...

Today was an amazing day.

Today was an extraordinary day.

Yep. It was.

Lately, the boy has been asking a lot of questions about death and how it relates to Jesus and heaven...all the normal questions. Our dog, Muerte, died last June and I think he is just now starting to process that death. He asks me periodically when Muerte will come home and I respond with the usual, "he's with Jesus buddy. He got sick and Jesus made him all better. He lives in heaven now." (Don't judge my theory that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN...maybe not all of them...but certainly the awesome ones, like Muerte) He would usually respond with the usual "oh..." But lately, that answer isn't sufficient for him and he keeps probing for more answers.

It started a week ago when we were at the vet with Lola, our new "NOT MUERTE" dog. And the boy, out of the blue, said "Mommy, I miss Muerte. Did Jesus make him better yet? Can he come home now?" And I looked at him and said, "Buddy, Muerte is with Jesus...remember. He is gonna stay there. Jesus is taking care of him." And he looked at me with those melt your heart baby blues, tears welling up and said, "FOREVER?" (insert that high pitch, squeaky, holding back tears voice here...ugh).

We moved past it that day, but today the questions (and a few tears) started again on the car ride home. So I took the opportunity to really tell the boy about Jesus and what he did for us. Why we get to go heaven when we die. What it's going to be like. And that all we have to do is ask Jesus into our hearts and we get to go to heaven with Him forever. He liked this conversation and was very intrigued. So I asked him, "would you like to ask Jesus into your heart?" And he immediately replied with, "no...maybe when we get home." Which I thought was the cutest response. But I'm a mom. And I can't help myself. So we talked some more and then I asked him again. And this time the whole thing clicked in his little head. And he said, "ok mommy! Sure!"

So on the way home, in the car, my boy asked Jesus into his heart. I will NEVER forget the sound of his little voice asking Jesus to come into his heart.
Pure, sweet and innocent. I am so thankful God allowed me the opportunity to be the one to pray that prayer with him. After we prayed I told him that I was 4 when I asked Jesus into my heart and his smile filled his face as he said, "I'm 4!"

So at bed time tonight we were engaged in our usual cuddles, songs and tickles and I told him I was so proud of him. He smiled and said, "Cuz why?" So I said, "Cuz you're amazing, and you love Jesus, and you have a good heart and I love you." And he responded with, "I know something else. Cuz I asked Jesus into my heart today." Ahhhh...he got it. He actually understands. How amazing and cute is that? My heart melted. "Yes you did. And I am so proud of you for that." And then he smiled.

I pray every day that my boys will serve Jesus every day for the rest of their lives. This is just the beginning. They're gonna be world changers those boys of mine.



  1. I love this! His spiritual birthday is my birthday...and on the will be an easy date to remember. I am so proud of him. I pray that your boys will serve Jesus always and be world changers...good things are in store. So excited to have the privilege to watch it unfold :)

  2. So excited to read this today! Sweet boy...way to go mom in handling all of the difficult questions!

  3. I have tears of joy right now. I felt like I was living the experience just reading it! What a special memory! Your boys will be amazing world changers. I pray for my daughters to be Jesus loving world changers too...they would be great married world changers- just sayin'! :)