Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheese Chips

I ended the day with cheese chips. They are delightful. And somewhat embarrassing.

1 Handful of Lays Potato Chips
1-2 Slices American Cheese

Take that handful of tato chips (sigh) and place them on a plate, spread out evenly. Tear the american cheese into pieces and spread out on top of the chips. Microwave for 30 seconds. Eat it.

American cheese is the key to this super fabulous (and a tad bit ghetto) recipe. Good ol' american cheese. It's processed. It's yellow. It's melty goodness. You don't need to judge me! You don't even know me! :) Go ahead and judge...I love my cheese chips enough to ignore the judgmental stares...

It was a tasty end to a lovely day.

The day started off at 10:30 am. That's right. 10:30 am. I am happy about this. The boy had a sleepover with his best friend and the baby only woke briefly at 8:30 for a quick bottle and then went back to sleep...allowing the love and I to sleep until 10:30. Perfection. Sweet, lovely, NEEDED, perfection. The mom of the boy's best friend, called us at 10:45. This was either because she was concerned that we would not return to pick up our boy, or she was calling to see if we still wanted to go to the snow as we discussed the night before. Phew. It was the latter. I'm thankful we are such great friends or CPS might have gotten a phone call.

So...we went to the snow. The boy and the husband had a blast. I had a blast watching them. For a minute. Until...

*A brief side note to any other parents out there: DO NOT bring an 8 month old to the snow. There is no where to put them down (so that mommy can go sledding) and they get bored, cold and fussy pretty quickly. And my baby is practically a saint. Just trust me.

So. That was interesting. And now we know. But it was still fun. Because that's how we roll.

And then everyone crashed in the car. Except the love. He was driving. God bless Him.

Naps, dinner and a movie...was the rest of the evening for the boys.

Nap, dinner and a movie (Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl...which kind of deserves it's own blog. Seeing it NEVER, would have been enough for me), made cookies for the boys and then I ended the day with cheese chips. You should try them. You're welcome in advance.


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