Monday, March 28, 2011

The Drive By Glance

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I was wandering around an almost closed Target. The site that was before me was not ok. I suddenly realized I rushed out the door without one thought of my appearance.

-Disheveled pony tail
-Stained t-shirt
-Yoga pants (please note: I have done yoga twice in the last month...and they're a bit tight...probably because I have only done yoga twice in the last year...I mean month)
-Flip flops

It would have been embarrassing if I had the energy to care. But I just didn't.

I was in the clothes section, looking at all of the new cute spring time things they put on the shelves and onto plastic hangers and that's when it happened. The drive by glance. Ugh. Target, on purpose I am sure, hides their mirrors. They are nestled in between racks of mini skirts, too tight t-shirts, and shelves of cardigans. To make matters worse, I was in that front section of the Target clothes. If you're anything over a size 8, you know the section I'm talking about. The part of the clothes that is the closest to the door, you know...where all the cute stuff is?'s sized for one demographic only. The teeny-bops (that's what my dad calls them. It used to drive me crazy...when I was one of them. Now...I see his point. Well said dad!). I am a teeny-bop NO MORE! I have birthed TWO CHILDREN GOSH DARN IT! This girl's got some hips. So I shop from the middle back (you between the teeny-bops and the maternity), and I'm ok with it. But tonight, the long dresses were in that front section. And summer is coming. Let's be's my summer wardrobe option of choice.

And that's when the drive by glance happened. Just after I finished looking at the dresses. I wasn't feeling too bad when I left my house. How can one glance, into that darn mirror, change my opinion in a matter of seconds? I got over it. In a matter of seconds. But I was still very aware that I should leave the store immediately...before the townspeople came rioting...but I finished up my shopping with my head held high(ish). There were only like 3 other customers in the store...AND 1,000 workers who all decided to be nice and ask if I needed anything. They probably felt sorry for me. I'm pretty sure I heard one of them whisper "Ahhh...bless her heart"

I would like to say that I will NEVER go to Target like that again. But I am quite certain that I will :)



  1. I'm currently a middle back shopper myself - I can completely visualize your Target experience. Just know you're not alone, there's a gal in Northern CA who also goes out on occasion and is disappointed when she sees herself in the drive by glance.

  2. You are so funny! I miss you, friend! I hope you don't have a drive by glance again anytime soon :)

  3. Danielle! I miss you too. How sad that we live in the same town and we miss ech other? :) let's go to the OG soon please :)