Friday, February 6, 2009

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Our family is frequent watchers of the Wiggles. Not only do they have Australian accents but the show is filled with 20 minutes of singing and dancing! Who doesn't like that? Such fine entertainment! My favorite part of the show though, has nothing to do with the Wiggles, but instead the look of pure enjoyment on the boy's face.  We usually watch The Wiggles in the morning while we have breakfast together. It entertains the boy while my husband and I are still waking up. The boy has been getting up at 7 am from the time he was 2 months old. Although I appreciate the consistency, I do miss the days of sleeping in sometimes. So the Wiggles have become our life line. Our way of having a moment for our brain and body to be in awake mode at the same time. Just because I am out of bed, doesn't mean I am awake! 

Back to my favorite part of the show,  "the look of pure enjoyment on the boy's face" as I stated before. He sits on the couch eating his fried, sunshine, omelet or scrambled eggs (the style varies from day to day but there are almost always eggs on the menu for they say in England) and enjoys the singing and dancing with a sleepy smiley expression on his face. At some point he gets off the couch and dances with glee to the songs he likes best. And then he comes and says "mommy dance, up" And so I get up and we dance together. At this point I am usually wide awake and feeling good. My husband, on the other hand, needs exactly one hour and one pot of coffee to be fully awake so most of the earlier morning play time is up to me. I am ok with this because my husband quietly makes breakie, the boys lunch and takes time to read his Bible. He stays in his zone and the boy and I watch the Wiggles and dance. There are times, however, that I don't feel like dancing in the morning,  but I do it anyway because of that look on the boy's face that screams "play with me mommy!" He grabs my hand and I know that my moments like this with him won't last for much longer.  I have recently been really trying to focus on the now and not the "if he was only a little bit older we could do more" moments. My boy will only be little for such a short time and I will never get year #2 back. The year of potty training, tantrums, singing and dancing.  There will come a time when The Wiggles are for babies and dancing with his mom is embarrassing, so I choose to embrace this time and hold on to it with everything that I am.  So when he grabs my hand in the morning and we are both in our jammies with egg breath...he makes me feel like dancing. 


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  1. I love this post! It is exactly how I have been feeling lately. Time is going by too fast and the kids grow up WAY too fast!!! I'm trying to enjoy all of the moments instead of getting caught up in all of the busyness. I also completely understand the "not awake" thing as I and NOT a morning person and I can actually visualize you and Steve as he is sleepy eyed with his first pot of coffee. :)