Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Friday Night

I knew last Friday would be a blog when I was on my way home from work to discover that my husband had taken the boy to the park. Let me just say, Fridays are our day off so normally it is family day. Sadly, I had a video to finish for services that weekend and had to go to work when the boy was taking a nap. So...on my way home I called my husband to find out what they were up to and they were just heading to the park for some daddy/boy time. On my way home I stopped at the park where I found my husband, boy and dog all playing. I love to watch my husband play with the boy. It makes me love him so much more! I walked up to the slides and the boy shouted with such genuine excitement "mommy!" This, of course, made my night. They were running around, and going down the slide for what I can imagine was at least one million times. In the words of the boy "again? again?" He grabbed my hand when I got there and wanted me to go down the slide with him. This, considering my hips, is not always easy but thankfully the slide seemed to be wider that day. So we went down the slide at least one million more times before it was time to head back home. We loaded up and headed to the house. My husband wanted burgers that night so we made some juicy goodness hamburgers and then settled down to eat.

Dinner time is one of my favorite parts of the day. We sit at the table together, with a begging dog sitting at the feet of my husband and the boy. The dog has quickly learned that droppings are most likely to come from one of the two! That night we ate dinner together as we usually do. Lately the boy has been the entertainer at the dinner table. My favorite is when he crinkles his noise and squints his eyes and says things like "yeah man..." and "cool dude" all the while shaking his head in a jazz-esque fashion. He was in the middle of these entertaining antics when I looked at his plate and noticed that he had stuck chips in his hamburger bun. They were sticking up as if to make a porcupine out of his hamburger. This cracked me up and of course my laughing prompted him to stick more chips into his hamburger.

About half way through the meal the boy took a ginormous bite. He was chewing and chewing and chewing. And then I saw the look of panic in his eyes. He started to gag and my husband and I panicked. I grabbed some napkins, my husband ran to get a towel and then it happened. He spewed throw up all over the kitchen table and all over himself. It's so funny how food reversed sends people into such a tizzy. At first our audible levels started to escalate and then we just started laughing. What else are you going to do? So we cleaned up the reversed food (it just sounds nicer than throw up) and the boy and then sat back at the table. My husband and I looked at each other and then at our half eaten formerly delicious looking hamburgers and knew our meal was over. Who can finish eating after an event like that?

It was an event filled evening but the boy was fine and all was well by the time he went to bed.

I do NOT love throw up.


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  1. Oh Bekah, it is nearing midnight, all is quiet in my house and I am sitting here in the office laughing as I read your blog!! I can just visualize the entire evening and wish you lived a few minutes away rather than a whole state!