Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's Talk About Sam's Club

Sam's Club is a phenomenon that I so appreciate these days. We like to do basic grocery shopping at the Sam's Club. It seems mildly silly seeing as everything comes in restaurant size quantities and there are only 3 of us in our family, but nonetheless we continue to go there every paycheck to buy things that we need and some things that we don't need. We ALWAYS go as a family and this is the part I like best. We try to plan our shopping extravaganza (doesn't that sound so much more excting than grocery shopping? BORING!) around lunch or dinner time because our whole family can have a delicious meal for exactly $4.50...drinks included! We sit in the cafeteria style dining area on the hard white plastic pinic tables and try to enjoy some time as a family before or after the GROCERY EXTRAVAGANZA! The boy sits there so nicely for about 30 seconds and then he wants to get down and run around. He is fascinated with the claw game and wants to play every time we are there. Let's talk about that game for a minute...they charge like $3 (which is almost more than our dinner cost) for a game that almost never rewards its enthusiasts with a prize, and on the off chance that it does, it is a totally cheeseball stuffed animal that I am sure was purchased at an online mass quantity warehouse, much like the one we are trying to enjoy dinner in, for 30 cents! So...we tell him no and of course he is upset because he doesn't understand the "I can go to the dollar tree and buy you a better stuffed animal, not that you need it because you have a million toys sitting at home, and also does money grow on trees?" concept. So...after dinner we wander around the Sam's Club discovering new and exciting items that seem to overwhelm us with joy. It is especially joyous when those new and exciting items are food and they are sampling it. It's just good clean fun people!

Milk, eggs (2 18 packs), bread, cheese (3 different varieties) and pull ups are always on the list. Not only are these items cheaper, but we go through them so quickly that we need the bulk! The rest of our cart is filled with whatever else we deem necessary during that shopping extravaganza. One important tip...we never shop while hungry. Hunger, we have experienced, is especially dangerous at the mega stores. We run up and down the aisles and chase each other while people look at us like we are totally nuts and how dare we! But we don't care. We have fun. My husband almost always finds a big bin of giant overstuffed animals to throw the boy into where he stays so quietly until I come around the corner to "find him." He laughs, and then his laughing makes us laugh and then we continue on our way to finish the extravaganza ignoring the looks from the stangers around us.

I like Sam's Club better than Costco for one reason and one reason only. Sam's Club sells their milk individually and Costco sells it in two's. I am the only one that drinks nonfat milk in our house so we need 3 gallons of whole milk and only 1 nonfat. Now you might be thinking that I could just pick up a gallon of nonfat when I got to the regular non super sized grocery store. While this is correct in theory, I like my cartons of milk to match. I know. I know. I need help...

By the time we check out of the store the boy is usually way past over the grocery extravaganza and ready to go home. This is NOT my favorite part of the outing and almost always results in some crying and at least one spanking...or at least the threat of one...don't judge me GKGW know who you are. This does not ruin the fun that we have. We make it through the check out and head out the door where the lady who checks the receipts draws a little smiley face in yellow highlighter on the back of the receipt which always proceeds to get yellow on myself, the boy or some item of clothing...thank you receipt checker lady!

This concludes our Sam's Club family time. I am so thankful that I am a part of a family that can make anything fun. We just love to be together and if you can't have fun while doing it...what's the point?



  1. This is hilarious! You crack me up. Don't judge me part is so hilarious. This sounds a lot like our trips. We have fun everywhere we go and even make Costco lunch and shopping. Fun fun!! Bielich

  2. Too funny! We enjoy our Costco runs (not Sam's members) and Myles LOVES his Costco dog (I know they're not supposed to have hot dogs until 3, but hey, we're right there and he downs it). We also get the smiley face on the receipt everytime. :) Interesting about the milk though - we've never bought it at Costco b/c of the 2 gallon thing and we don't drink that much.