Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Day I Smelled Perfume

So I got ready the other morning exactly as I always do. I showered. Blow dryed my hair. Put curlers in my hair. Brushed my teeth. Put on face lotion. Put on deodorant. Did my makeup. Took out the curlers. Fluffed hair with fingers and gave a spritz of hairspray. Put on my perfume. Got dressed. It was a completly normal and average morning.

Let's talk about the perfume. I have never been a perfume wearing type of gal, however I found a scent at Victoria Secret that I found most pleasant and very light and non perfumey smelling. You know the perfumey smelling kind that I am talking about. We all know the kind. It's the kind where you walk by someone and end up smelling their stank perfume all day because it has lodged itself in your nasal cavities. Or the kind where when someone gives you a hug they might as well have brought their bottle of perfume around and sprayed it all over your clothes because it rubs off on you that much! Their perfume becomes your perfume...thanks for sharing! So...why on this particular day did I smell like one of those stank freaks? I used my normal perfume. Same amount and in the same place.

I got to work and could not shake this strong perfume smell all day. I kept trying to figure it out. Maybe I grabbed the wrong bottle and the one I grabbed went bad? No...I didn't think what I said to myself. Maybe I hugged someone and it was lodged in my nasal cavities? But I haven't really hugged any stanks today...I thought to myself. So I struggled through the day with this strong smell wafting all around me. It seemed to get stronger as the day went on too but I kept on ignoring it.

After work we ate dinner and played all the while I still smelled. So it was time for bed and the boy and I commensed with our usual nightime cuddles as I mentioned in my previous blog. We had sung our songs, read our books and the boy looked up with a puzzled expression and said, "Mommy, what's that?" I thought for sure he noticed the smell and was wondering where it came from. But instead, he reached inside my shirt and pulled out a dryer sheet. The mystery was solved and I cracked up laughing. Steve was gone so there was no one around that could fully appreciate this moment with me. The boy was cracking up but I knew he had no idea why and at one point looked at me with that sweet face and I knew he was thinking "mommy's finally lost it." And that was the day that I smelled perfume.


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